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Kate Middleton Wears Sheer Pantyhose For Queen

[ 28 ] July 29, 2011 |

Kate Middleton brings back Sheer Pantyhose!


Wearing Pantyhose can be Good for your HEALTH Too!

Women over 45, do you remember when you wouldn’t ever dream of going anywhere in a dress without wearing pantyhose, some of you can probably even recall when you didn’t go anywhere without a girdle and stockings!

Well, apparently, Kate Middleton, the beautiful British bride of Prince William is being seen EVERYWHERE in sheer pantyhose!  Yep, that’s right, Kate Middleton wears sheer pantyhose! And it’s probably not because she forgot to shave either!  It seems the Queen prefers her little royal ladies to be seen in public in hose, and Kate Middleton is  towing the line on that trend! You will never see the Queen in anything but the stiffest support hose.  It seems that across Britain and even starting in the US,  is a movement to bring back to wearing pantyhose, at least for special occasions!  Pantyhose are simply flying off the shelves where they are available–many department stores NO LONGER EVEN CARRY PANTYHOSE!  Really!

Watch this Video from ABC NEWS!

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YIPEE!  The Chief Blonde is secretly thrilled beyond belief!  She has scary like death very pale skin and as result (and especially because she is over 45) a nice sheer pantyhose can actually provide a little bit of enhancement to  a pair of legs that otherwise aren’t too bad…


Yep, I am wearing PantyHose HERE in this Outfit Post!

Medical Benefits of Pantyhose

Did you know that you can realize Medical Benefits from wearing Pantyhose as well?

According to Board Certified Vein Specialist, Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro ( from the  Vein Center of the Palm Beaches, the following benefits of  Panty Hose can be expected.

Provide Comfort

A more sturdy kind of hose, often called support hose can provide relief to  tired legs and apply soothing  pressure to  massage the lower limbs which leads to  improved circulation and a reduction in discomfort .  Anyone who spends a long time on their feet such as beauticians, medical workers, athletes,  production supervisors  will find support hose or even the high energy pantyhose useful, which we would bet is one of the reasons Kate Middleton is wearing them as well!

 Stop Health Risks in their tracks with Prevention

Varicose veins, spider veins, inadequate circulation, and swelling in the feet, legs or ankles can be prevented by wearing support hose.  Spider veins usually appear first and look like little red spiders when they appear on your legs.  The Chief Blonde first got spider veins when she was just 23 years old and was working as a production supervisor.

 Medical & Health Concerns can be relieved

The Mayo Clinic strongly supports the use of support hose to reduce all kinds of risks from extended standing or long hours of work.  Some of the concerns addressed by support stockings use are chronic venous insufficiency,  thrombosis, and even pulmanary embolism (when a clot breaks off blocking an artery to the lung)

Outfits Modeled by Women over 45

Yep, there I am again in PantyHose!  Did you suspect it?  More Outfits Modeled by Women over 45

So are you considering returning to Pantyhose or Support hose anytime soon?

When was the last time, if ever, you wore Pantyhose?

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Still Blonde after all these YEARS featured in BOLD Magazine!

[ 1 ] July 28, 2011 |

Women over 45 (and our Younger Friends!)  We have a 2 page Feature in BOLD!

Lynda Coker, editor of BOLD Magazine put together this fun and exciting interview for the Chief Blonde on the always amazing topic: Still Blonde afer all these YEARS!  (A online magazine is featured below, you can also follow the link <Here>)

Here’s an excerpt:

Readers want to know…WHO is the Chief Blonde?  The Chief Blonde is an every woman.  She is trying to get her act together,  get back into the job market, get her kids off to college (and out of the house),  keep a great relationship going with her husband–all the while trying to blog about what it takes to be a 45+ woman in today’s world.  She tries to address questions like: Can I still wear this outfit?  Can I still wear my hair like this or if not, how should I wear it?  What the heck is happening to my skin now that I am in or approaching menopause and what can I do about it?

Be sure to check out the article in BOLD Magazine and subscribe (it’s free)

Fashionista Events

Announcing 2011 Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event, Signup Today!

[ 24 ] July 27, 2011 |

All Fashion, Only Fashion Giveaway Event–Exclusive Giveaway Concept

Fall Fashionista 400 2



A full out Fashion ONLY Giveaway event, with the plan to host it 2-4 times/year hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS, and cohosted by: the Socialite’s Closet and April


–Join the Facebook group <Here> for questions and direction on the Fashionista Giveaway
–Bloggers and Companies may join, you may invite others to join.
–Get sponsored or sponsor yourself!
–Prizes ($50+)  may be offered to US, Canada or US/Canada, and Worldwide (Gift certificates recommended for Worldwide).

–$15 Signup fee after Sept. 15 payable to via paypal (gift)


The Host and Co-host will promote the event, you promote your own giveaway (We are keeping it Simple).

PROCESS:  Sign up, Get your giveaway together,  Ask Questions in the Facebook group,  Giveaway Starts October 14 at 12:01 AM EST, Ends  October 19  11:59 PM EST .


Contests that do not follow the simple rules will be DELETED.
–Giveaway must be $50+  and fashion related (shoes, clothes, hats, purses, gift certificates, etc) –any gender, any age
–Absolutely no beauty or cosmetics please!
–Your prize may be a single item, a package of items but the WINNER of each Giveaway must take away a $50 prize.  Multiple or additional consolation prizes are fine.
–No Pre-entries (NONE!), No Early Posting of Linky or Giveaway.
–Simple One or two step Main Entry
–Keep Bonus entries to a minimum (Be Sane).
–First Linky Spot $15 after Sept. 15.  If you have another blog, you may have another spot for a cost of $10.  Payable to
–Blog about event at least once prior to the event  (Example provided in group)
–Post the hop information on your giveaway post prior to the event.  (Provided closer to the event)
–You must turn off your CAPTCHA.  for the event.  If you don’t know how, read the doc. section of the FB group.
–Nothing Adult related, erotic or overt.  If you are in doubt ask.  Pretty and feminine, versus Toys/Fetish (sorry gotta say it!)


TO HELP make this event a smashing success:
—ONLY 200 Giveaways will be allowed.  FREE Sign-up ends Sept. 15. $15 charge after Sept. 15 payable to!
—Provide a Facebook Group to answer Questions
—Form a triberr group to tweet your blog posts
—Attempt to attract companies to participate in the event.
—Keep it simple
—Provide a button so you can flaunt your participation in this exciting event.
—Actively look for an overall EVENT sponsor and a GRAND PRIZE
—Currently this event is available at no cost to you!


Sign up for this Exclusive Event NOW! <HERE>  Hurry,  when we are full, we’re full!

Participating Blogs–With this line-up, we can’t Lose!

Makobi Scribe  Simply Stacie  Momma Told Me   The Socialite’s Closet
April  Still Blonde after all these YEARS   ModlyChic
Between the Lines  Kirstin Marie  The Fierce Glamour  Pretty, Polished, Perfect.
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Who Wore it Better? Jessica Alba or Helen Mirren

[ 6 ] July 25, 2011 |

My Money is on the Women over 45, What do You  Say?

Dolce & Gabbana jessica alba helen Mirren

Jessica Alba was caught on Wednesday evening at the Lucky Magazine/ private partyhosted by Mary Alice Haney, wearing the same Dolce Gabbana leopard print dress which Helen Mirren originally wore to the London premiere of “Arthur.”  The only difference is Helen bumped it up a notch and accessorized with a hot leather jacket for a more rocker look.

Although Jessica Alba bumped it up a notch too with her baby bump!

 Who wore it better? Dolce & Gabbana animal print strapless maxi dress

Blog Note:  This blog post was not compensated.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs Sites: Navigating the Sites that Hire You to Write

[ 5 ] July 24, 2011 |

Freelance Writing, Is it for You?

Pretty Opininated freelance writing

I’d like to welcome Nicole, our Guest Blogger from!  Women over 45, are you looking for an alternative career?  Nicole’s agreed to inform us about the various sites that she has tried  for Freelance Writing.  These writing assignments are often used on other’s blogs. I am sure you will agree, Nicole has a clear clean no-nonsense style that gives you THE FACTS!

Nicole’s Bio:
Nicole is a freelance writer and owner/author of Pretty Opinionated (, a book and product review blog. She lives in the Poconos with her vivacious six-year-old son, her tech-savvy mom, and a menagerie of pets, including a parrot that thinks she’s his girlfriend.

Freelance Writing Sites to Try


I’ve been writing most of my life, but only started trying to make a living with it about two years ago, when I was way down on my luck and couldn’t find a job outside my home. I stumbled across a site looking for content writers, figured “I can do that!” and was on my way to earning money. Not big bucks, mind you, but enough to help me survive in tough times. The internet is over-flowing with content writing gigs, some of which actually pay okay money, while others practically want a novel out of you for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Content writing is not glamorous,  and usually not even fun, but if you need to make some extra money and you have decent writing skills, it can mean the difference between settling for generic mac and cheese and the good stuff.


    • Demand Media

      • which owns eHow, LiveStrong, Cracked, and a few other sites, pays the best rates per article of all the other sites I’ve worked with. The average 400-word article will net you $15-25, depending on which site you write for. They pay twice a week and usually have upwards of 60,000 article titles or more in the database. On the down side, many of those titles are nearly impossible to write, and the content editor has almost a god-like status when it comes to deciding if your article is worthy of publication. You only get one shot at a rewrite, and if another editor with a different idea picks up your second draft, they can reject it, which means you don’t get paid. Most of the editors are helpful, but the few bad apples always left me reaching for the Xanax every time I hit the “submit” button. Still, it’s a good gig if you’re not too thin skinned and can handle feeling like you’re still in high school with their “article rating” system.
    • WiseGeek

      •  pays about $10 per 400-word article and you get your own dedicated copy editor. My personal copy editor rocks. She is always helpful, never unkind when she needs to critique something, and extremely patient when I over-explain my choice of direction for the piece. The writer’s dashboard usually has only about 500 articles from which to choose, but the writing pool is smaller, so I never have difficulty finding decent titles. The major downside is that you need to have five articles in the editing queue before your editor even knows they’re there, and you have to word every paragraph super careful to avoid what they call “similar flow.”
    • Bright Hub

      • used to rock. They were one of my favorite sites to write for until Google rolled out their new algorithm and everyone went ballistic. After that, Bright Hub started yanking articles with no warning and turning them back to the writers for unspecified changes, then taking weeks to get them back up, which hurts when you’re earning revenue on those articles.  The pay went from $10 for 500 words to $15 for 750 words, and the opportunities dropped down to almost nothing. I pulled out when the changes happened because it was impossible to get any work and I didn’t want to double my word count for just 50% more pay.
  • Writing for Private Clients is the Best Freelance Writing Gig

    • If possible, your best bet is to writing for private clients. They are a lot more flexible and easier to work with, pay a little better, and don’t usually don’t incite a fight-or-flight response when you submit an article to them. I check daily because it cull all the ads for writers from several different locations.One last word of warning- don’t sell yourself short. Don’t farm out your writing talents to sites that will only pay you a penny per word or less. Yes, $10 per article is still peanuts when you know deep down that you have the skills to write the next great American novel, but at least it’s more than minimum wage. Writing for peanut dust, however,  will just leave you frustrated and miserable with the whole experience, and it devalues freelance writers as a whole.

Freelance Writing Warnings and Advice

One last word of warning- don’t sell yourself short. Don’t farm out your writing talents to sites that will only pay you a penny per word or less. Yes, $10 per article is still peanuts when you know deep down that you have the skills to write the next great American novel, but at least it’s more than minimum wage. Writing for peanut dust, however,  will just leave you frustrated and miserable with the whole experience, and it devalues freelance writers as a whole.

Still Blonde smallThanks Nicole for giving us this great guest post!  I know many people wonder if Freelance Writing is for them.  We really appreciate knowing the current prices as well.


We’d like to update this article with other freelance Content Writing Jobs sites,  do you have any to offer?

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