SweepsAdvantage.com (Sweepstakes Advantage) Review–Great site for entering your giveaways

Do you host Giveaways?  Do you Enter Giveaways? Visit Sweepstakes Advantage


Sweepstakes advantage

Sweepstakes and Giveaways!  A blogger’s bread and butter, a fan’s source of fun!  But how do you find the giveaways to enter?  How do you get your sweepstakes and giveaways featured so people will enter?

I list all my Giveaways on Sweepstakes Advantage (SweepsAdvantage.com).  The process for entering your blog giveaways is a snap, just filling out the basic information relating to your giveaway.  Sweepstakes Advantage has a daily newsletter which goes out to 15,000 sweepers (people who love to enter giveaways) and if you have the Sweepstakes Advantage link on your sidebar..you can ask to be featured in the newsletter.  I always have their link in my sidebar!  Why?  Because over 15% of my giveaway traffic comes from Sweepstakes Advantage!  It seems a small favor for all the traffic they send my way!

Do you love to enter contests?  Well, Sweepstakes Advantage is the place for you with every kind of giveaway imaginable featured.  Categories include:

  • Daily Sweepstakes
  • Daily Ongoing Sweepstakes
  • Unlimited Entry Sweepstakes
  • 24 Hour Entry Sweepstakes
  • Instant Win Sweepstakes
  • Weekly Sweepstakes
  • Monthly Sweepstakes
  • One Entry Sweepstakes
  • 1 Entry Ongoing Sweepstakes
  • Odd Entry Sweepstakes
  • Postal Mail Sweepstakes
  • Lotto Station
  • Freebies
  • Sweepstakes Tools
  • UK Competitions
  • Canada Sweepstakes
  • Survey
  • DVD Giveaway
  • CD Giveaway
  • Kids Sweepstakes
  • SA Shopping List
  • Deals
    Book Giveaway
  • Twitter Contest
  • Facebook Contest
  • Blog Giveaway

Currently, they have 10,000+ Sweepstakes, Giveaways and contests listed, including 782 blog giveaways.  Is that enough to keep you busy and winning?   

Some other great features of the site is that you can track the giveaways you enter, so you don’t go through the process twice.  As well, they have a Sweepstakes Pop tool, which makes entering quicker and keeps you from disqualifying yourself with multiple entries.  Another feature I love is that they show giveaways that are expiring soon, so you don’t miss out.  Sign-up is quick and easy but necessary to participate.

Get over to Sweepstakes Advantage today and find or list your Giveaway.  Highly recommend!


Blog Note:  No compensation was received for this review.  The Chief Blonde wanted her readers to be aware of this free service!

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