DIY PROJECT: Renovate, Update, Convert or Replace Your Entertainment Center, PART 2

Entertainment Center Conversion : Whether You Buy New Or Convert the old, Your Entertainment Center Is A Key Design Element


Does your Entertainment Center look like this?

old Entertaiment center 5

Or how about this?

Old Entertainment Center 1

If so, it might be time to bring yours up to date!  Entertainment Center conversion my be the approach that you need or you may need to replace it  all together! TV Stands can really change to the look of a great room,  family room or den.  Make sure you keep yours looking current.

Here’s what our Entertainment Center conversion involved.  Here’s what it originally looked like:


old entertainment center

While not completely hideous, it did have the older hardware, short stature, medium oak finish, glass doors and rounded moldings that were so popular in the early 90s.  We wanted our great room to have a whole new look so we knew we had to start with the Entertainment Center.

This is a picture of the project during the Renovation Stage, where my husband added  8″ of crown molding to the top and 6″ of base and base molding to the bottom.

Renovated Entertainment center

After that,  my husband stained the new wood to match the old wood.  He then stained the unit with black polyurethane (Miniwax Polyshades), sanding  the whole thing  with very fine sandpaper between each step and wiping it down with a microfiber rag.  Then he destressed the unit by fine sanding some edges such that the underlying stain shone through.  He then applied two coats of clear polyurethane (sanded and wiping between steps). Finally, he installed the doors (which he earlier cut in half to close in a new way), shelving, and new hardware. Here’s the finished unit (not pushed together completely). We still need to move it back into the great room but now my beast of a husband is going to start renovating that!

Renovated Entertainment Center

He estimates he put in about 80 hours for the transformation.  Given your own hourly wage and skill level , you may or may not consider such a labor intensive renovation.  You may decide to just buy a new Entertainment Center.  I know this is what I would have done without my wonderful husband’s skills.

When purchasing a new entertainment center, there are many considerations that you must take into account, such as:

Style of Furntiture:–Formal, Modern, Mission, Country

Function: What will it hold

Size: Small, Medium or BIG BEAR size

Where will it go in the room: Corner TV Stand,  Wall TV Stand

What color of  finish: Stained, Wood, painted,

Construction: All wood, wood+particle board, Metal

Cost: How much are you willing to pay to optimize all the factors above?

Does your Entertainment Center need Updating?  Tell me your story below.


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  1. says

    We’re using a small one we were gifted that came from Ikea. I keep eyeing up the newer ones at Costco as we have a flat screen TV that won’t fit in many of the old ones I’ve seen listed on Craigslist. Although, I wish we could find one with doors!

  2. says

    I love this and you are very right, changing just your entertainment center can make a huge difference in a room as it’s usually the vocal point as everyone loves the TV.

    The only downside is, as one commenter said, the new TV’s don’t fit into the old stands.