Book Review: The Dead Janitors Club by Jeff Kilma

The Dead Janitors club image picture

Well, not for the squeamish over 45 year old Woman, is it?  If you like horror movies and true to life accounts..then this may just be your book! ~~The Chief Blonde, Still Blonde after all these YEARS! Book: Dead Janitors Club, Pathetically True Tales of a Crime Scene Cleanup King Author: Jeff Klima ISBN:13-975-1-4022-3829-1 MSRP: […]

Book Review: Errol & Olivia, Ego & Obsession

Errol and Olivia Picture image

“Women over 45, if you can tear yourself away from  the beautiful photographs, Robert Matzen explains the story and relationships (of Errol and Olivia) behind the movies, the gossip, and the innuendo and tells us for the first time what we really want to know.” –The Chief Blonde, Still Blonde after all these YEARS! Book:  […]

Book Review: Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Enter If you Dare!

Ripley's Enter if you Dare 2011

“Women over 45–Got a teen in your family who doesn’t like to read?  They won’t put Ripley’s Believe it or Not 2011 Annual: Enter if you Dare! down.  It’s better that Strategy guide for World of Warcraft.” –The Chief Blonde,  Still Blonde after all these YEARS! Book:  Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Enter If you […]

Book Review: World’s Best Origami, Nick Robinson

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“Women over 45 will adore this book for the interesting Origami creations they can master! World’s Best Origami is everything you could want to unlock your paper folding dreams” The Chief Blonde, Still Blonde after all these YEARS! Book: World’s Best Oragami, Over 100 Amazing Models from Top Origami Artists Author: Nick Robinson ISBN:978-1-61564-053-9 MSRP: […]


Women jumping off building!

People always say,  “Provide Great Content and They will Come!  Don’t Pay Attention to Google PageRank!”   I have so much to say about Google PageRank Update,  I just cannot begin to type.  But Women over 45, know that a  picture says a 1000 words doesn’t it?  This is how I felt yesterday, June 27, […]

Carissa Rose Clothing Review

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Welcome to BLOG BASH! Say good bye to gapping shirts!   Our Sponsor: Carissa Rose Designs LLC is the top of the line  online fashion retailer who specializes in fitting your  female form.  With unique  designs and shape focused sizing, Carissa Rose provides style savvy shoppers with what they want – ultimate fashion, personal style, […]

A Little Bright, A Little White (Neons+Neutrals): Outfits Modeled by Women over 45, Bloggers Do it Better

Neons+Neutrals Outfits Fashion Modeled by women over 45

Trying a New Trend of Neons+Neutrals The Chief Blonde is wearing: Peplum Shirt Jacket (c/o Carissa Rose $130 ), Rhinestone Cami (Sam’s Club $9), Bermuda’s (The Loft), Vintage Feather and Satin Shoes (Saks Fifth Avenue), Vintage Beads   This Neons+Neutrals outfit shoot is the 4th part in a series of assignments of the Bloggers Do […]