Watch the 1st and 2nd”Kiss” “Kisses” Picture and Video between Kate and William, Royal Wedding,

Women Over 45 (and all their Younger Friends) watch as Kate gets 2 Kisses from her Prince!

The balcony Kiss

Still Blonde after all these Years Reports: The Chief Blonde and her Women Friends over 45 sipped Champagne and ate quiche and shortbread cookies while watching the Prince and his new bride practically make out share two chaste kisses on the  balcony of Buckingham palace.  Watch the Videos of the two love birds below!

Video of  William And Kate’s 1st Kiss on the Balcony, Royal Wedding April 29, 2011

Video of William and Kate’s 2nd Kiss on the Balcony, Royal Wedding April 29

What was your favorite element of the wedding?

The Chief Blonde’s was the crowd pouring into the square in front of Buckingham Palace in an orderly fashion with the police holding the 1000s neatly in place!

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  1. says

    I watched (via DVR) and it was worth the wait. It was intriguing to learn about British Royal customs, such as having young bridesmaids and no kissing at the wedding!

  2. Lori says

    Such a lovely day indeed! Weddings are always such hope-filled events that bring joy to all :)

  3. says

    My favorite element is that they are in love! I hated that his Dad married Diana just because he felt he had to. I felt so sorry for Diana!

  4. Mippy says

    Oh my laaaaand holy moly that’s a lot of people. I didn’t follow any of this and oooh myyy tons of people!
    And how cute are they! 😀 Heeeheee :)

  5. Linda Kish says

    I think they are very sweet. He still comes off innocent and shy.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  6. Erin Nicole says

    Loved loved loved the royal wedding! I had friends over at 4 am so that we could watch it! Soo beautiful!!