DIY Project: Convert Your Old Entertainment Center

Do you have a Huge Entertainment Center for your TV that looks out of Date?

Old Entertainment Center

Convert Entertainment Center to Save Decorating Dollars

This is a shot of our current entertainment center.  We bought it in the late 90’s.  It’s a medium oak color and quite large as you can see.  However, it’s in a our Great Room and when we thought about changing out the leather couches, from this lovely green leather number below:

Really ugly Green Leather Sofa

we thought we might like to get a flat panel TV and a new entertainment center.  So we started looking at flat panel tv stands, and any Entertainment Center that we liked cost over $6000 (okay, the Chief Blonde likes Big and Expensive things!) like the Entertainment Center below:

Black entertaiment Center

Well after much discussion with my practical minded Polish husband, we he decided that we he could rework our current entertainment center and make it look like the up-to-date massive entertainment center above that I loved. Here’s the work in progress. He has added 6″ on to the bottom and 6″ on to the top with a massive crown molding (this is a shot of the center unit but he has done the same to the side units). Entertainment

The next step is that he will stain it and turn it black with an overcoat (of I don’t know what). He will then sand the edges a bit to give it a distressed look. I am so excited to see it finished. I’ll make sure to give you a final photo of the finished product. Now I’ll have to figure out how to spend that $6000 that we saved….that we don’t have anyway…teehee!
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