Bloggers Change your Facebook Share Button to Facebook Like Button NOW!

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This is a UPDATE that We can Support! Remember when you would click on this "Like" on a  blog article or Facebook link?  And an almost unnoticeable link would appear in your facebook feed?  Well, no more.  Readers will now think twice before clicking a "Like" and Bloggers and Publishers alike … [Read more...]

DIY Project: Convert Your Old Entertainment Center

Old Entertainment Center

Do you have a Huge Entertainment Center for your TV that looks out of Date? Convert Entertainment Center to Save Decorating Dollars This is a shot of our current entertainment center.  We bought it in the late 90's.  It's a medium oak color and quite large as you can see.  However, it's in a our … [Read more...]

Bring BACK ChronoLOGICAL ORDER on Pages: A Plan for the Rebellion

We want Order Back and we want it NOW! There is a new page on Facebook called "Bring Back chronoLOGICAL ORDER On Pages".   They have 9000 members and are growing my at least 1000 members a day.  I am trying to encourage them to develop a plan of action for the Rebellion.  Please "Like" the … [Read more...]

Join The Rebellion! Bring Back Chronological Posts On Pages

Bring Back ChronoLOGICAL ORDER to Like Pages

A new Facebook Page has surfaced that is getting Tons of Blog Press! The Facebook Page "Bring Back Chronological Posts on Pages"  has seen its membership soar.  As more and more bloggers take up the drum, the membership is sure to zoom into the 100,000s.  I have never seen such a complained … [Read more...]

Body Wrap Shapewear Sheer Iridesscent Review

Must Slip Under black

Women over 45 (and you younger ladies too!) Want to Look Red Carpet Ready? Body Wrap Shapewear Sheer Iridesscent Must Slip Under $78 Whether you are attending the Oscars or just going for a night on the town--before you don the heels and that dress, step into the Body Wrap Shapewear  ® Sheer … [Read more...]



Poll Finds Roughly 80% of Respondents Admit they Don’t Wear Restraints HAVEN"T THEY EVER HEARD OF PRINCESS DIANA????  Many experts have stated that if she would have been wearing her seat belt, she would have survived the horrible accident which took her life! It started out as a simple … [Read more...]