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Bloggers Change your Facebook Share Button to Facebook Like Button NOW!

[ 5 ] February 27, 2011 |

This is a UPDATE that We can Support!

Facebook like

Remember when you would click on this “Like” on a  blog article or Facebook link?  And an almost unnoticeable link would appear in your facebook feed?  Well, no more.  Readers will now think twice before clicking a “Like” and Bloggers and Publishers alike will benefit greatly from the new changes to the “Like” button which now will function more like  the old “Share” button.  Here’s what has to say:

After months of updates to its “Like” button, Facebook has released an update that fundamentally changes the button’s functionality to that of a Share button. Now after hitting the “Like” button, a full story with a headline, blurb and thumbnail will be posted to your profile wall. You’ll also be given an option to comment on the story link. Previously, only a link to the story would appear in the recent activity, often going unnoticed by users.


Facebook like 2


Facebook like 3

Hmmm….once again, we will be altering our behavior as we surf around the web and Facebook.  Now when we click Like, all our friends will REALLY know…  I don’t know about you but I used to click “Like” constantly, if it’s going on all my friends walls in such a big way….wow, not sure I will be “liking” quite so much.  But  I certainly hope my readers will click the “Like” button for Still Blonde after all these YEARS!!

UPDATE:  I have been asked what Facebook Plugin I use for the “Like” button.  Currently, I am using “FBLikeButton”.  I have only had one issue with it–for a couple of days it went white and wasn’t there.  Strangely that coincided with the Facebook change–it is working fine currently!

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[ 2 ] February 26, 2011 |

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Reader Feature: Barbara Corbitt, Quilter

[ 3 ] February 25, 2011 |

Barbara Corbitt:  Hand Stitches Beauty and Gives it Away

The Chief Blonde admires beautiful craft work!  Recently she complimented one of her readers, Barbara Corbitt on her beautiful Facebook Profile Picture which was this gorgeous quilt shown below.

Bargain Basics Quilt

Bargain Basics Quilt Handmade by  Barbara Corbitt

Barbara discusses her craft:

I started quilting when my deceased daughter was a baby.  She was sick a lot and I was a stay at home mom who needed something to do to keep my hands busy. I started out making Barbie doll clothes by hand. We had so much fun and bonding doing that. But as time went on, I realized that as she went through her pre-teen, teen and adult years that the Barbie clothes would not be enough for her to remember me by.  So I started by making her “get well quilts” every time she got sick, she truly believed that if she slept under one of these quilts where every stitch was made with love that she would get well quicker. As time went on, she would pick out the fabric and I would make her another quilt. Also,  other friends and family members wanted quilts too. Each stitch in each quilt was made with love and when I gave the quilt to someone, I gave part of myself in the quilt. My daughter was my inspiration. I had a near fatal brain aneurysm and she quit her job and moved in to take care of me. She was looking forward to me teaching her how to quilt.

Tragically, she died in my arms from an unknown blood clot just four days after moving in with me.  The pain and depression are very difficult to deal with. I am working on a quilt now that I was making for her.

Barbara supplied these other pictures of her lovely quilts.

blazing star quilt pattern

Blazing Star Quilt by Barbara Corbitt

calico nine patch quilt pattern

Nine Patch Calico by Barbara Corbitt

david's crown quilt

David’s Crown Quilt by Barbara Corbitt

half squares quilt

Half Squares Quilt by Barbara Corbitt

indian patch quilt

Indian Patch Quilt by Barbara Corbitt

twinkle star quilt

Twinkle Stars Quilt by Barbara Corbitt

Like them?  Barbara would consider trading a quilt for a used/new (but in fantastic shape) computer, laptop or tablet.  Let me know if you would like to contact her. She lives on a limited income and would appreciate the trade!  Barbara reports that she pieces by hand.  Barbara provided all the photos above.

Blog Note: This article was provided by the Chief Blonde because she thought her readers would enjoy it.  No compensation was provided.

DIY Project: Convert Your Old Entertainment Center

[ 1 ] February 24, 2011 |

Do you have a Huge Entertainment Center for your TV that looks out of Date?

Old Entertainment Center

Convert Entertainment Center to Save Decorating Dollars

This is a shot of our current entertainment center.  We bought it in the late 90′s.  It’s a medium oak color and quite large as you can see.  However, it’s in a our Great Room and when we thought about changing out the leather couches, from this lovely green leather number below:

Really ugly Green Leather Sofa

we thought we might like to get a flat panel TV and a new entertainment center.  So we started looking at flat panel tv stands, and any Entertainment Center that we liked cost over $6000 (okay, the Chief Blonde likes Big and Expensive things!) like the Entertainment Center below:

Black entertaiment Center

Well after much discussion with my practical minded Polish husband, we he decided that we he could rework our current entertainment center and make it look like the up-to-date massive entertainment center above that I loved. Here’s the work in progress. He has added 6″ on to the bottom and 6″ on to the top with a massive crown molding (this is a shot of the center unit but he has done the same to the side units). Entertainment

The next step is that he will stain it and turn it black with an overcoat (of I don’t know what). He will then sand the edges a bit to give it a distressed look. I am so excited to see it finished. I’ll make sure to give you a final photo of the finished product. Now I’ll have to figure out how to spend that $6000 that we saved….that we don’t have anyway…teehee!
See Part Two of this Article:

DIY PROJECT: Renovate, Update, Convert or Replace Your Entertainment Center, PART 2

Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde was given a Gift Card for this post.

Bring BACK ChronoLOGICAL ORDER on Pages: A Plan for the Rebellion

[ 22 ] February 24, 2011 |

We want Order Back and we want it NOW!

There is a new page on Facebook called “Bring Back chronoLOGICAL ORDER On Pages“.   They have 9000 members and are growing my at least 1000 members a day.  I am trying to encourage them to develop a plan of action for the Rebellion.  Please “Like” the page and Join in…THIS IS MADNESS!

Plan of Action: Compiled from my mind and other annoyed Page Admins.

1) Let’s try to hit FB in the wallet. Everyone should go the far right column, click the “X” to close each ad, and when it ask “why have you removed this ad”, select other, and type Bring Back Chronological Posts On Pages (Just copy and paste… it) Do this on EVERY ad that comes up in any page.  If every facebook user clicks 50-100 ads a day as remove, with this message. It will make a statement.

2)  Blog about this issue.  Here’s a sample blog Post such that it is NO work for you what so ever…

3) Tweet the issue.  MANY TIMES per DAY  @FACEBOOK–please Bring Back chronological ORDER on Pages. You are ruining our pages and livelihoods.  #PAGEADMINS

4)  Boycott Facebook–I am asking that “Bring Back chronological ORDER on Pages” choose March 10 Thursday, and every Thursday thereafter,  as the day of the week to boycott and no blogger, small business owner or fan sign on to FB during that Thursday of any other Thursday EVER until they change FB back to Chrono posts for Pages.

5)  Message Facebook daily with this message:

Dear Facebook, I cannot seem to get my Facebook PAGE posts to go in Chronological order.  As I cannot possibly imagine that a smart company such as yours would do something so idiotic, I must have a bug on my page.  Please investigate and switch it back to chronological.  By the way, why are all your pages in Chronological order????

Message them here:

Upgraded Page comments:

Facebook Pages:

Facebook News:

Facebook HQ:

Facebook Live:

6)  Join “Bring Back ChronoLogical Posts On Pages” Post this message on your page (and personal profile) if you like:OK Fans of my Page– I am calling on each and every one of you 6796 members to please go to Bring Back Chronological Posts On Pages and LIKE THE PAGE!!  JOIN THE FIGHT!

This information and plan was provided by The Chief Blonde, from Still Blonde after all these YEARS! Still Blonde after all these YEARS, is super fun and targeted at Women over 45 and ANYONE who loves Giveaways over $50. We cover any topics that relate to women over 45 (and our younger friends) including outfits, hairstyles, books, food/wine, recipes, travel, consumer electronics. Our Giveaways never fail to satisfy with a “treasure hunt” entry process that only requires one entry, with the remainder being a BONUS!