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HOT TOYS for Christmas 2012?

sphero by orbotix

What will be the Hot Toys for Christmas 2012?  Still Blonde after all these YEARS spotted Sphero at 2011 CES. It is much better to see this toy then try to describe it, so watch the video below.  Sphero can best be described as   the robotic ball you control with your smartphone. Download games to your phone and change how Sphero behaves. Built by Orbotix. Available late 2011.  Still Blonde after all these YEARS thinks Sphero will be BIG for Christmas 2012, sure to be one of the Hot Toys for 2012.  Estimated retail $99.99.

Have more questions?  See Sphero’s  frequently asked questions  page.  See more  and purchase from  gosphero.com


UPDATE:  The Sphero is sold on the company’s website where they are taking pre-orders now.  It has a ton of cool features that kids will surely fall for including:

–it glows and lights up in 1000s of colors

–Sphero are great fun to race through a obstacle course

–Sphero are Mobile App driven, so with each new App..it’s a new toy.

–Basically the Size of a baseball, so easy to carry around.  Your remote?  Your Smartphone!

–You can always kick in the “Boost” Mode, to evade the family pet! (or annoy it!  HA!)

–Works with Android or Iphone technology

–Develop your own games!  Sphero employs an open API so developers can jump right in.

–Wireless BlueTooth connection, no WiFi connection issues to ruin Junior fun on Christmas morn.


You can pre-order the Sphero now at the Sphero store for $129.99, that’s $30 more than originally projected at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas.  In mid, September 2011 the Sphero Company Blog was still targeting for a Christmas Launch and predicting their Toy to be among the Hot Toys For Christmas 2012.   Get this, they have even added a Kitty Cam to be sure to drive your little hairball nuts while watching his expessions via your smartphone.  Endless amusement for you, your kids, and Fluffy..Right?

Will you be looking for a Sphero as one of your Hot Toys for Christmas 2012?

Blog Note:  I loved this toy instantly when I saw it and wanted to tell you, my readers about it.  I did not receive a sample unit but did play with it at the show.  I was not compensated for this post.  You will only see reviews of the items I love on this blog,  I only give facetime to great products!
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