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“Every Minute On Facebook” According to Time Magazine

[ 0 ] December 29, 2010 |

What Happens Every Minute on Facebook?

pink Hourglass

50,000 Shared Links

60,000 Photo Tagged

74,000 Event Invites

79,000 Wall Posts

83,000 Status Updates

99,000 Friend Requests

136,000 Photos Uploaded

232,000 Messages Sent

383,000 “Likes”


It probably took you more that a minute to read this!  Can you believe how this one website affects lives?

Blog Note: (Information derived from a video produced by Time Magazine in it’s Person of the Year Issue, on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg)

Stuff you Need To Know: Which Side is the Gas Tank On?

[ 5 ] December 29, 2010 |

New car?  Rental car?  Which side does the gas go in?

gas gauge arrow

My hilarious cousin Erin (an over 45 year old woman)  revealed this truth recently on Facebook..

“I’ve had four different rental cars in the last six weeks, and I called my brother  to complain that I never knew which side of the car the gas tank was on. After telling me, “That’s what you get for living the high life,” he also said, “Look down at your fuel gauge.”  How did I never know there was a little arrow there to keep me from looking like an idiot at the gas station?? (See little tiny arrow next to gas pump, big arrow is pointing to it)  Tell the truth… did you know about this Gas Pump Elbow of Genius?”

Oh yeah, and both of them are my relatives.

Did you know this little known fact about the majority of automobiles?

Tumble Tuesday, Week of 12-29-2010

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Facebook Tips: Consider deleting Facebook Apps that are more than 2 years old

[ 6 ] December 27, 2010 |

Are you letting Older Facebook Apps access TOO MUCH of your Data?

too much informationApplications that are pre-2009,collected a great deal more data than today’s current apps.  Pre-2009 Apps collected contact information, photos, videos, and your  friends’ information. Applications created after 2009 allow you to alter the sharing interests, friends’ lists and other personal information as a result of a legal settlement.  In other words, you can opt out of  the intrusiveness.  Now go there and do it, and then come back here and comment.

How to delete a FACEBOOK APP:

So how do you decide what apps you want to delete?  It’s very simple.  Follow these Step by Step instructions and PROTECT your privacy from nosey third party apps!

1.  In the very top right hand corner, in the blue strip, you will see the word “Account”.  Click on the Pull down menu, and the Click on “Privacy Settings”.

2.  Once you are on the “Privacy Settings” Page, go to the Bottom Left Hand Corner, and where it says “Apps and Websites, ” click on “Edit your Settings”.

3.  You Should now be on the page that says “Choose your Privacy Settings–Apps, Games and Websites”.   Go to the top section that says “Apps you use”.  They trick you by not showing them all.  Go over to the right and click on the button labeled “Edit Settings”.

4.  This will take you to the page called “Apps you use”.  This will show you all your apps. You can click on the “x” to delete that app or you can click on the words “Edit Setting” to go in and see how much information the app collects.  Your newest apps are on top, your older apps are on the bottom.  You will note the older apps collect a lot more information!  I deleted quite a few of mine!