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“Every Minute On Facebook” According to Time Magazine

[ 0 ] December 29, 2010 |

What Happens Every Minute on Facebook?

pink Hourglass

50,000 Shared Links

60,000 Photo Tagged

74,000 Event Invites

79,000 Wall Posts

83,000 Status Updates

99,000 Friend Requests

136,000 Photos Uploaded

232,000 Messages Sent

383,000 “Likes”


It probably took you more that a minute to read this!  Can you believe how this one website affects lives?

Blog Note: (Information derived from a video produced by Time Magazine in it’s Person of the Year Issue, on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg)

Stuff you Need To Know: Which Side is the Gas Tank On?

[ 5 ] December 29, 2010 |

New car?  Rental car?  Which side does the gas go in?

gas gauge arrow

My hilarious cousin Erin (an over 45 year old woman)  revealed this truth recently on Facebook..

“I’ve had four different rental cars in the last six weeks, and I called my brother  to complain that I never knew which side of the car the gas tank was on. After telling me, “That’s what you get for living the high life,” he also said, “Look down at your fuel gauge.”  How did I never know there was a little arrow there to keep me from looking like an idiot at the gas station?? (See little tiny arrow next to gas pump, big arrow is pointing to it)  Tell the truth… did you know about this Gas Pump Elbow of Genius?”

Oh yeah, and both of them are my relatives.

Did you know this little known fact about the majority of automobiles?

Tumble Tuesday, Week of 12-29-2010

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Facebook Tips: Consider deleting Facebook Apps that are more than 2 years old

[ 6 ] December 27, 2010 |

Are you letting Older Facebook Apps access TOO MUCH of your Data?

too much informationApplications that are pre-2009,collected a great deal more data than today’s current apps.  Pre-2009 Apps collected contact information, photos, videos, and your  friends’ information. Applications created after 2009 allow you to alter the sharing interests, friends’ lists and other personal information as a result of a legal settlement.  In other words, you can opt out of  the intrusiveness.  Now go there and do it, and then come back here and comment.

How to delete a FACEBOOK APP:

So how do you decide what apps you want to delete?  It’s very simple.  Follow these Step by Step instructions and PROTECT your privacy from nosey third party apps!

1.  In the very top right hand corner, in the blue strip, you will see the word “Account”.  Click on the Pull down menu, and the Click on “Privacy Settings”.

2.  Once you are on the “Privacy Settings” Page, go to the Bottom Left Hand Corner, and where it says “Apps and Websites, ” click on “Edit your Settings”.

3.  You Should now be on the page that says “Choose your Privacy Settings–Apps, Games and Websites”.   Go to the top section that says “Apps you use”.  They trick you by not showing them all.  Go over to the right and click on the button labeled “Edit Settings”.

4.  This will take you to the page called “Apps you use”.  This will show you all your apps. You can click on the “x” to delete that app or you can click on the words “Edit Setting” to go in and see how much information the app collects.  Your newest apps are on top, your older apps are on the bottom.  You will note the older apps collect a lot more information!  I deleted quite a few of mine!


What to buy with your Gift Cards and Holiday Money Holiday Gift Guide

[ 2 ] December 26, 2010 |

Great After Christmas Ideas for Spending those Gift Cards and Holiday Dough..

snapping fingers Linda Alstead


Wear the elegance of a celebrity…

Holiday gift for yourself: Suss2


Suss2 designs: Camilla Tunic ($198.00)  Jasmine Cardigan ($170)

Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights:

  • Bamboo fabric is a coveted and comfortable material that is:
  • –  Soft, smooth, and luxurious.
    –  Feels and drapes like silk, but is less expensive, and more durable.
    –  Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and does not absorb odors.
    –  Cooler and more breathable than other fabrics.
  • The Suss2 collection includes eight styles: Anika Capelett, Elizabeth Cardigan, Jasmine Cardigan, Camilla V-Neck Tunic, Molly Cocoon Cardigan, Violet Tunic, Lily Cardigan, and the Samantha Wrap,  features four colors (Black, Water Chestnut, Taupe, and Red), with sizes ranging from Small to Extra-Large.

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: Suss Designs are made by Suss Cousins, a knitwear designer and a distinctive Designer over 45.  Her latest line is distinctive, classic, and luxurious knitwear designed for today’s busy, modern Woman. The collection is available exclusively at  Suss’ creations have been featured in major retail outlets and upscale boutiques, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Fred Segal, Takashimaya, Anthropologie, Intermix, and Shopbop.

About Suss Cousins, a  woman designer over 45!

Born in Sweden, Suss was immersed into the knitting culture early. Her designs span several categories: Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Apparel, Costume Design, and Home Decor. Suss has authored several books: Hollywood Knits (2002, Stewart Tabori Chang), Hollywood Knits Style (2004, Stewart Tabori Chang), Suss Home Knits (2006, Clarkson Potter), Suss Wedding Knits (2007, Clarkson Potter), Suss Design Essentials (2007, Clarkson Potter).Suss invites shoppers to visit Her store is located at 7352 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. Suss designs have adorned major celebrities, and have been worn by actors in major films and television shows!  See what Suss has to say about her newest collection in the video below:

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: I was sent the Lilly Tunic from the Fall Collection (MSRP $198.00).  It was fabulously soft, with a timeless romantic feel.  I belted it and wore it over a Cami and under a vest.  The Suss2 knitwear is very thin, not bulky,  so lends itself well to the layering trend that is currently sweeping fashion.  I was dazzled by the simple informative website which had a video which accompanied each piece in the newest line, wherein the designer explained the piece and gave you her concept behind the design.  I found this made my sweater even more wearable as I understood what Suss intended when she created it.  Further, I was super impressed with the model for the Suss2 line.  Impossible to determine her age, she was handsomely elegant and ladylike–I just loved the fact that she was not 12 and tragically thin.  Instead, she looked like a queen or lady of importance, who was on her way to a casual party or winter holiday.  GO SUSS2!  We proudly support designers over 45 who appeal to a cross-generational audience and feature models who appeal to all!


Before you Exercise, Get the Right Flooring…

Holiday Gift for Yourself: Venture Products’ Shock Athletic Mats

YM306 Rolled Out

Venture Products’ Shock Athletic Yoga Mats are Available at Sport’s Authority (Approx. MSRP. $24.99)

Holiday Gift for You Highlights:

  • On trend silkscreen design
  • 24 in. x 68 in.
  • 3mm thick
  • Infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection
  • Great for Yoga – Pilates – Exercise – Stretching

Holiday Gift for You Details: No fitness enthusiast would even consider beginning to exercise without the right footwear. And the actual surface for the workout is equally important … which is where Venture Products, LLC’s Shock Athletic™ lineup of portable fitness mats and interlocking gym flooring comes in. Whether for yoga, Pilates, resistance training, or basic stretching, Shock Athletic products offer a broad range of sizes and styles that provide a solution for just about everyone. And they’re ideal for use in a health club or at home.

“Whenever you work out, you want to be on a top-quality mat to maximize your results,” explains Steve Fischer of Venture Products. “Let’s face it; everyone wants to be safe and comfortable while they work out.” In addition to exceptional cushioning and stability, the Shock Athletic lineup offers yet another benefit to athletes – Microban® antimicrobial zinc technology which is infused into the mats during the first stages of production.  As a result, Microban protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew during the full lifespan of the product.

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks:  We are all looking to be Fit, Healthy and Happy in the New Year and Venture Products’ Shock Athletic Yoga Mats can certainly help with that.  I like the Microban protection offered in this mat,  gyms are notoriously dirty and germy, and even though you can wipe this mat clean with a damp cloth,  I just like knowing that the Microban is there and will last the lifetime of the the mat!  The mat I was sent (pictured above) in Sage/Lotus style was very appealing not only aesthetically but the fact that I could roll it up for quick storage was a real bonus.



Utilizes Certified Organic Shea…

Holiday Gift for Yourself: TREE HUT Certified Organic Shea Sugar Body Scrubs

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs_Vert Resp

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs: Retails for $8.00/18 oz

Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights:

  • Key Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil
  • Available Scents: Almond and Honey, Brazilian Nut, Coconut Lime, Hawaiian Kukui, Original Shea and Tahitian Grass
  • Available at: Ulta Beauty, Walmart, and

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: The benefits of Shea are that Shea has been used for thousands of years as a moisturizer because of its unusually high content of naturally rich oils, vitamins and minerals.  Additional  benefits of Shea include soothing relief from chapped, dry skin; maintaining skin tone; and improving elasticity of skin; and appearance of stretch marks and scars by infusing skin with naturally occurring vitamin E.

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: One of the aspects that I  like about the Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs is that are part of a complete line which include the Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, Body Splash, Body Wash, and Body Lotion.  The act of layering the scents is so enduring!  The packaging is really high quality for such affordable products (only $8 for the 18oz sugar scrub!)   You will also find the website to be very easy to navigate and informative so that you can find just the product that you need!  Visit them today: Tree Hut Shea


Get a great case for your New Ipad, Nook, Kindle or other eReaders..

Holiday Gift for Yourself Item: ColcaSac Introduces its Newest Durable Protective Sleeve for the Apple iPad

ColcaSac Red iPad case

Ipad Sleeve by ColcaSac  MSRP $35-$40

Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights:

  • Combines a Natural Earthy Feel with Durable Natural Fibers to Provide Optimal Protection from Scratches, Drops and Damage
  • Sleeves available for Macbook, Ipad, Kindle, Ipod, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air
  • Its original look acts as a theft deterrent as no one associates a laptop with natural fabrics.
  • Each ColcaSac sleeve is unique and a breath of fresh air from the carbon copy neoprene competition.

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: All ColcaSac protective sleeves are fashioned from a heavy-duty hemp canvas, lined with cream, 100% polyester sherpa fleece that provides protective padding for iPads and secures the user’s iPad with a durable, easily accessible velcro closure. Heavy-weight hemp boasts the longest and strongest natural fiber available today (stronger than cotton). Each ColcaSac iPad sleeve features a pocket that conveniently carries a power adapter, flash drives, headphones, etc. Original, efficient and simple, a ColcaSac iPad sleeve is designed to be used as solo protection, or combined with your backpack, briefcase, or shoulder bag.

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: I love these soft and efficient cases for your larger electronic devices.  I received the Ipad case in the color shown above.  It also comes in various of colors which you can find at their well laid out website! I was just thrilled to have a case so natural and yet so functional.  Although the one above is very girly, many of the other styles would work nicely for men as well.  The extra pockets are just fab.  They also donate 1% of sales to help purchase land in environmentally sensitive areas.  You will not be disappointed with this purchase.  Run out and get one for your new eReader now.  This case also works nicely for the Nook from Barnes and Noble.


Miniature Artwork for your Neck!

Holiday Gift for Yourself Item: Dichroic Glass 3 Piece Fan Necklace Collection by NGlassworks


Holiday Gift for Your Self Highlights:

  • NGlassworks designs are a feast for the eyes inspired by the scenes from the artist’s backyard to vistas around the world
  • Combines Dichroic, iridescent, and sheet glass to create one of a kind art glass jewelry
  • Featured in the Museum Store’s 2010 Holiday Gifts & Buyer’s Guide.

Holiday Gift For Yourself  Details: NGlassworks creates exquisitely handmade dichroic glass jewelry in contemporary abstract patterns. Nancy Giere, the creator of NGlassworks, brings liveliness to her miniature works of art by applying uniquely bold colors to each layer of glass, emitting an enticing dimension to each piece. Giere’s 3 Piece Fan Necklace  Collection features an eclectic selection of miniature works of wearable art. Price’s Start at $40.00. Visit !

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: I was given a sample of the 3 piece fan necklace in blues and purples.  When I wear this necklace it seems to take on the colors of what I am wearing and makes my fashions more interesting.  The necklace is especially stunning against a purple top which acts as a backdrop for all the amazing hues and tints of this necklace.  The piece is very substantial, a true statement to fine glass art jewelry.  NGlassworks has a mesmerizing website and a up-to-date blog which keeps you informed of the companies latest designs and successes!


Get Comfortable and Look Cute….

Holiday Gift for Yourself Item:  Henna Hipster by ISIS

Henna Hipster

Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights:

  • Matching Bras and Sport Bras are available
  • ISIS develops attractive performance clothing that fits women’s bodies and their lives
  • Company is 95% women
  • Guarantee that you will be satisfied

Holiday Gift For Yourself Details: The new Henna Hipster is a super comfortable low brief due to the nice wide hip band and seamless construction. These provide nice coverage of your derriere while offering an alluring look. The 7.4-ounce fabric (96% nylon/4% spandex) is durable and comfortable.

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: SIIIGGGGHHHH!  These are just fantastic underwear.  They don’t get all stretched out, they don’t ride up, and you barely feel as if you have them on.  When choosing my underwear, I always pull these out to wear first.  If you are sick to death of the underwear you are currently wearing or you need to beef up your supply, invest in the ISIS Henna hipster (bikini, boy short, brief, thong, and sport brief also available!) for the New Year!


Look Smooth in the New YEAR!

Holiday Gift for Yourself:  FROWNIES Face Lift in a Bag

facelift in a Bag

FROWNIES Face Lift in a Bag It is all you need! (Includes Ph Balancing Complexion Wash, Biologically Active Immune Perfect, Rose Water Hydrator, Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches, Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patches, Gel Eye Patches, Immune Shield, and clear plastic travel bag–Current Special $128 for a $215 value! )

Moms and Women over 45  are looking for simple wrinkle reducing products to enhance and preserve their skin. FROWNIES all natural line of wrinkle reducing patches eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the corner of the eyes and corners of mouth. Under eye patches reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, feed the skin and build collagen. The simple Face Lift in A Bag includes a full line of skin care products from cleansing to immune building serums. Frownies anti-aging skin care products prevent the early signs of aging on the face and you can receive FREE healthy and beauty tips to compliment your topical treatments. Women are tired of chemical treatments and product that just don’t deliver. Frownies products are guaranteed and backed by over 120 years of business as a family owned, women run business for women, by women and about women. NEW Under eye patches too! Visit

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks:  I am a longtime fan of Frownies. They are a staple on my bathroom counter of skin aids. I especially love the Forehead and between eyes patch.  It really works great, also I find it to be a phenomenal stress reducer.  When I apply Frownies at night between my eyebrows, I wake in the morning feeling very refreshed as the patch keeps you from furrowing your brow.  Watch the video below for a better understanding of the FROWNIES products.  Why do you think a product like FROWNIES would be around for 5 generations if it didn’t work?


From the Most Reputable Bridal, Couture, and Interior Cleaning Establishment in the World…

Holiday Gift for Yourself Item:  Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: The Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit surpasses all other stain removal products on the market, is patented worldwide and is available nowhere else in the world. Unlike conventional stain removers, Madame Paulette has taken into account the two most important factors for safe
and effective stain removal, time and the most effective cleaning agent. The Professional Stain Removal Kit is easy to use and guarantees excellent results. (MSRP: $12.00/kit, $37.50 for 5 kits)

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: Wonderfully compact and convenient size insures you can take this item with you anywhere.   Madame Paulettes is patronized by renowned designers such as Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Gucci and Fendi; celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria,Selma Hayek and Melania Trump as well as revered institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Stain Removal Kit has been featured in O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Lucky, People, Real Simple and the New Yorker to name a few.  The real appeal to the Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal kit is the fact that it is the same professional formulas used in the store to clean the finest apparel in the world.  Also,  they consider the two most important elements of stain removal: Time and Stain Identification.  The kit comes with an amazing chart which very clearly lays out the best approach to removal of your unique stain!


Eco-Luxe for the New Year….

Holiday Gift for Yourself Item:  Wembe soaps

Wembe Soaps

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: Wembé is a handmade, eco-luxe soap from Paraguay. Wembé was created by a mother and son duo from Paraguay who wanted to share the natural ingredients and restorative qualities of the rainforest with people around the world. Wembé uses only the finest natural and organic plants and ingredients  to create their exotic blends like mango, avocado, black clay, yerba mate, coconut, white rose and more. MSRP ($7.20–9.45/bar)   For more information, visit


Stainless Steel with an Aluminum Core Base….

Holiday Gift Item for Yourself:  American Kitchen by Regal Ware


1 QT / 0.9L Covered Sauce Pan (MSRP $29.99)


10″ / 25cm Covered Sauté Pan (MSRP $59.99)


10″ / 25cm Eco-Satin™ Nonstick Fry Pan MSRP $39.99


Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights:

  • • Brushed satin-finished exterior
    • Tempered glass covers
    • Eco-Satin™ Non-PFOA nonstick coating (on Fry Pans & Stir-Fry)
    • All uncoated cooking surfaces feature 18/10 stainless steel
    • Stainless steel handles permanently riveted to the pans stay cool during stovetop cooking
    • Capacity marks etched inside pans allow for convenient measuring
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Holiday Gift for Yourself Details: Quality and effective cooking performance begin with a heavy-gauge encapsulated aluminum core base layered between stainless steel, and end with American Kitchen™ by Regal Ware—a great line of cookware with features that offer style and convenience.

Still Blonde small Chief Blonde Remarks: These pans were phenomenal.  From the time I made my first perfect omelet on Sunday morning, I was hooked.  The non-stick pan completely outshines what I had before, the Eco-Satin finish cleans beautifully, which is very lucky for me because I can burn just about anything (however, I haven’t yet in these new pans!).  The little sauce pan is just the perfect size.  I really love the glass lids such that I can see in and know what’s going on inside without lifting the lid and letting out all the steam.  The pans have a quality “Heft” to them which makes it easier to cook.  I especially like the 10″ Saute Pan as it is the perfect size for a frittata and the pan gets the frittata heated through thoroughly without burning the bottom which can often be tricky with a blonde frittata!  Highly recommend.  Throw your old pots away and get yourself a nice set for the New YEAR 2011!  10 Piece set is a mere $199.99 when purchased together, includes 1 & 3 QT covered sauce pans, 6 QT covered stock pan, 8″  & 10″ Fry pans, and 10″ Covered Saute Pan! Visit Regal Ware for more information.


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