HAIRSTYLES: Great Hairstyles for Women over 45! December 2010 edition 45+

It’s time again for another of our Feature Articles on Hairstyles for Women over 45!


Gorgeous, Straight Blonde Hair–(Cheryl Hines, 45)

Do you always find that Women like to discuss Hair and Hairstyles?  ENDLESSLY??  Why are we always so frustrated with our hair?  We never know what color it should be, how straight or curly it should be?  What styling tools should we use?  When Women hit the over 45 mark, the problem only deepens.  Now considerations must be made for “How do I cover the gray?” ,  “Is my Hair too long?”,  “Is my Hair too short?”,  “Is this Hairstyle Current”, “Do I look like I am trying to be too  Young?”,  and the biggest one  “I have been wearing my hair like this for 30 years, do I need a change?”  Ahhh, YES you do..Here’s some ideas!

Christina-Hendricks-Jackie Stept-Hairstyles-Women-over-45

Christina Hendricks (35), and her mom Jackie Stept.  (50+)

Aren’t both Hairstyles Cute? Red and Hot!

One of the best styling products that I own is a hair Straightener. I kid you not, once I bought my first hair straightener, from then on, my battle with my hair eased.  You can create a variety of hairstyles with Hair Straighteners.   As you look over these photos of all these fabulous women over 45, you will note that many of their hairstyles begin with straightened hair.  I have very big, wavy hair.  More often than not, my hair looks like a beast (at its worse) or like a Beauty Queen (in a sad 60s short of way) at its best.  With a hair straightener  (a really really good one), I have found that my hair is shiny, silky and manageable all day, and I actually get compliments instead of sad stares.


Not Looking very Desperate!  (Teri Hatcher, 45)

I have tried a myrid of styling products and very few work for me.  Oh sure, when the stylists puts Product XYZ into my hair, I LOVE IT!  Then when I get home–Disaster!  Ever so occasionally, I find something that actually works for me–a really great hairspray (Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine),  a great brush (Mason Pearson) but nothing matches the love affair that I have with my Hair straightener.  As you look through all the awesome styles for Women over 45, ask yourself, should my next purchase be a hair Straightener?  Hey, the Chief Blonde highly recommends it! ghd Straighteners  Can you imagine looking that pretty in A pink dress?


Night on the Town with a younger Man (Demi Moore, 48)


Blondes with Smiles have more fun (Filicity Huffman, 47)


Silver and Gold (okay Blonde!)  (Glen Close, 63)


Jane Lynch, stunning at the 2010 Emmys (50)


Beautiful, Straight Shiny and Dark (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, 49)


PRRRR!  (Julieanne Moore, 49)


Pilates Fitness Expert Mari Windsor, 59


Wild and Crazy Diane Lane, 45


Always Beautiful, Mariska Hargitay, 46

Marlo Thomas Hairstyles for Women over 45

Still THAT GIRL!  Marlo Thomas, 73

Michelle Obama Hairstyles for Women over 45

Vanity Fair Best Dressed Michelle Obama, 46

Nora Ephron Hairstyles for women over 45

Nora Ephron, 69


My Hero, Helen Mirren, 65

Susan Sarandon Hairstyles for women over 45

Suddenly Single Susan Sarandon,  64

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles for Women over 45

Oh Joy Sarah Jessica Parker is now 45–we will be seeing a lot of her!

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  1. says


    My favourite product is my flattener too. I honestly don’t know what I did without it! Found you through Stumble Tumble Tuesday!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    Well with baby fine straight hair all my life, I’ve never needed a hair straightener. My niece uses one though and it really helps her. I wish I had her hair.
    Anyways jealousy gets me no where, so I have to say all these women are still beautiful.

  3. librarypat says

    No matter what their age, they all look great. I have never been able to do much with my hair, I brush and comb it and hope for the best.