The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt Review Breast Cancer Awareness

Eagle pic low res

The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt™: Quest for the Golden Eagle By Ron Shore "For the treasure hunter, I would say this is the ULTIMATE book!"  Chief Blonde, Still Blonde after all these YEARS A $1 Million Treasure is Hidden Somewhere in the World…All You Have to Do is Find It. When … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Thank-you


We Hope You are More Aware! Our mission during the month of October was to present you with a array of articles, products, companies, stories which made you more aware of Breast Cancer.  We hope we reached you.  If one woman gets a mammogram, performs a breast exam, looks after her health a … [Read more...]

KitchenAid (Lifetime Brands) Giveaway–Cook for the Cure Kitchen Tools


Last 2010 Giveaway to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer sponsored by Lifetime Brands Lifetime Brands has contributed more than $2 million to-date to breast cancer charities nationwide. A supplier of KitchenAid licensed products, Lifetime Brands has helped raise more than $1 million for “Cook … [Read more...]

Paula Young Wispy Waves Wigs Review – Breast Cancer Awareness

Paula Young Wispy Waves

Paula Young "Wispy Waves" Wigs with 4 interchangeable Headbands! Paula Young’s new Wispy Waves Interchangeable Headbands is a cute  5” long wavy-haired wig paired with one of four interchangeable headbands attached with Velcro®.  The headbands colors are Tortoise, red, navy and for a limited … [Read more...]

Wispy Waves: Outfits modeled by Women over 45


Outfits Modeled by Women over 45, a regular blog feature The Chief Blonde (and any of her friends who want to) will occasionally model clothes featured in this blog.  The Chief Blonde tries to find outfits modeled by "Professional Models" over 45, but alas, that opportunity is few and far between.  … [Read more...]

Stuff I Don’t Need to See–Largest Collection of Belly button Lint

belly button lint

Largest Collection of Belly button Lint belongs to a Librarian Are you sure you want to See? Imagine watching MSNBC, getting your stock tips for the day, and then being subjected to this little tidbit of news.  Graham Barker, a librarian, holds the Guinness World Record  for the Largest … [Read more...]

Women over 45 and Social Gaming: Gaming’s fastest growing segment

Woman on Farmville

Why Women over 45 LOVE Social Gaming! Social Networking Sites Nearly Double Usage among those Over 45 When most people hear the word “gamer,” they picture a pimply-faced teenager wearing headsets in front of a computer? Well, they might want to think again after discovering what recent … [Read more...]