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The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt Review Breast Cancer Awareness

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The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt™: Quest for the Golden Eagle

By Ron Shore

“For the treasure hunter, I would say this is the ULTIMATE book!”  Chief Blonde, Still Blonde after all these YEARS

A $1 Million Treasure is Hidden Somewhere in the World…All You Have to Do is Find It.
When faced with the tragic loss of his sister in law to breast cancer, Ron Shore responded in the most unusual way: he created a $1 million dollar, international treasure hunt.

Ron has invested his life savings into raising $100 million dollars to find a cure for breast cancer with the Hunt for the Cause Foundation. Shore explained, “when I personally experienced what can happen to a family who loses a mother and friend to breast cancer, I was moved to do something about it – to unite mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who have been impacted by this disease while recognizing that fathers, husbands, brothers and sons are similarly impacted when one of their family is told they have breast cancer.”

Gabriel Helmes-Shore passed away from breast cancer in 2004, two days after delivering her daughter, and only four weeks after finding out that the cancer she thought she had beaten three years earlier had returned mid way through her pregnancy. Ron Shore’s niece, now a healthy 5 year old, is growing up without ever knowing her brave mom.

Dubbed as the greatest and largest treasure hunt ever, the 12 chapter book, The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle will unite treasure hunters from around the globe, as they work to solve the clues leading to the $1 million grand prize: an eagle, handcrafted by Canadian artist, Kevin Peters and made from 18 pounds of solid gold, with 1.1 carat pear shaped diamond eyes and 763 diamonds weighing 53.66 carats covering its head.

Probably the most unique aspect of this treasure is that it stands watch over the 400-year-old, 12.73 carat “Atocha Star” emerald. Provided by Mel Fisher’s Treasures of Key West, Florida to help raise funds for cancer research, this is the largest cut emerald from the Atocha, a Spanish Treasure Galleon which sank in 1622.

Along the way, readers will collectively unlock clues, maps, and other milestones. And, as each chapter is solved, one treasure hunter will find the location of a silver eagle worth more than $20,000.

Still Blonde small I had to hide this book from my son who is a treasure hunter and has won several large prizes (not this large).  I could tell from reading it that he would be instantly addicted.  Alas, he must graduate from college–so I cannot be the one to provide him with distractions.  Needless, to say, this book has it all for the treasure hunter..and then some.  How often do you come across a treasure book that is this finely crafted, that has a companion “Cracking the Code” book, that offers SUCH a substantial prize, and supports a worthy cause (Cancer Research–Hunt for the Cause!) –Duh..NEVER!  The paper the book is printed on looks and feels like an old treasure map, each chapter winds its way around to get the reader to the $20,000 prize that is available for that chapter.  For the treasure hunter, I would say this is the ultimate Book.
The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt, is available for order at  For updates, information about prizes (including a picture of the Golden Eagle), and contest rules please visit

For more information on Hunt for the Cause Foundation, visit

Blog Note: The Chief Blonde received a Review Sample.  Opinions are her own.  No further compensation was provided.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Thank-you

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We Hope You are More Aware!


Our mission during the month of October was to present you with a array of articles, products, companies, stories which made you more aware of Breast Cancer.  We hope we reached you.  If one woman gets a mammogram, performs a breast exam, looks after her health a little better or gets a hug than we have accomplished what we set out to do. If you’d like to review our articles for the last month  CLICK HERE!

We’d like to thank the following companies for participating with us in Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways! If you are so inclined, please support their efforts in the fight against Breast Cancer

Skin Authority–GO! Pink Skincare Kit  (10% of proceeds go to Pink Ribbon Girls)–3 Pink Chic Products (Portion of Profits go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure)

Paula Young Think Pink–Gorgeous Pink Wigs! (10% of proceeds go to fund Breast Cancer Research)

Paula Young Wispy Waves–Very cute fall–still a GIVEAWAY on our site–(a portion of proceeds fund Breast Cancer Research

Braza–Flash Tape Mini–(Donating a portion to Breast Cancer Awareness Programs)

Lifetime Brands supplier of Kitchen Aid Kitchen GadgetsGiveaway still going on (Donating to Kitchen Aid Cook for the Cure for Susan Komen for the Cure)