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Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Still Blonde after all these YEARS Oct. 1-31

[ 1 ] September 30, 2010 |

We Changed our Background for Breast Cancer Awareness! And we’ll be changing it all month!

All during the month of October, on Still Blonde after all these YEARS you will see Breast Cancer Awareness posts, giveaways which will highlight the concern, and reviews of wonderful organizations who are looking to combat and end this horrible strain of this horrible disease!  Get your mamogram!  Stay informed.  Watch for our changing background!

Here’s some of the Great Things you can be looking for:

–What ULTA is doing, through their Windows of Love campaign in the fight to recognize survivors/and those who have been taken will be hosting a Giveaway to highlight their Breast Cancer Awareness efforts

Braza is stepping out with a great Giveaway to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness

Paula Young wigs is providing us with several fun opportunities to show that Breast Cancer is no joke but that the victims need to see individuals and companies are there to support them!

The Great World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt (a new book) called the Hunt for the Golden Eagle is donating heavily toward finding a cure through a “Hunt for the Cause”

Skin Authority is providing a Giveaway of their GO! Pink line to highlight their part to work for a cure!

Many other companies are reaching out to work with us!  We will be looking for stories from all of you for a special reader memorial post.  We want those who have been touched by this disease to feel the PINK  love and also the assurance that we are AWARE and we CARE!

Fall Follower Tour

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Right Here on Still Blonde after all these YEARS!

fall follower Still Blonde after all these YEARS

15 Blogs are coming together to bring you the Fall Follower Giveaway tour and $750 (paid via Paypal).  Get all the “Pre-information” here:

Secrets on How Regular Women and Women over 45 Can Wear Leggings

[ 3 ] September 30, 2010 |


amanda Horen Kennedy

Former actress, women’s psychotherapist and now fashion solution designer, Amanda Horan Kennedy ( a beautiful woman over 45) , is better known as The Glamour Shrink.  With the new Fall legging trend showing wild geometric, colored, and boldly textured leggings that tend to draw attention to a less than perfect leg, the Glamour Shrink translates how any woman at any age can benefit from this trend and stay kicky without sacrificing age appropriateness. And she stresses how important it is to do it right.

Trendy leggings – These are a no because they draw too much attention to the leg and the pattern breaks up the leg so it does not create a slim line

Trendy leggings - they are cute, but not elongating

Trendy leggings – they are cute, but not elongating

“From the 12 years I spent in Hollywood on TV and in movies,” says the former star of NBC-TV’s “BJ and the Bear,” “I learned the optical illusions stylists use to slim, lengthen and fool the eye when needed. Bold patterns and colors draw the eye to an object.  If you have skinny super model legs, then a highly patterned legging would be acceptable with a black tunic. But, if you are like most women and slimming the leg is a priority, choose black as it is always flattering. Pair this with a high heel boot to create the illusion of longer legs and slimness.”  And most importantly, wear leggings with a longer tunic top or sweater. Don’t show your derriere in leggings. “Leave this to the 20 year olds,” she laughs.

Opaque1 – these are a no because hosiery type are slightly see-through, making the leg look less slim and causes the blacks to not match

Opaque2 – these are compression leggings that are opaque. They slim the leg and lengthen the body because they match the dress.

“Fashion is always the motivator for style, but functionality is the basis of looking good,” she says. Amanda suggests looking for leggings that are not sheer so that they take the place of a skinny pant.  Some of the brands she suggests are the Wolford Club Leggings ($118) for a sexy night out, The Miracle Body Denim Legging ($88.00) for casual wear, or her own Sassybax “Bottoms Up!” Shapewear Legging ($68.00) with tummy control and butt shaping for everyday comfort. She notes that Denim Leggings, or “Jeggings,” are an interesting trend that combine leggings and skinny jeans. She likes the 7 For All Mankind Pull-on Denim Leggings ($139) or the HUE skinny jeanz legging ($34).

Right Shoes/wrong color legging – while this boot may match this sweater, it does not elongate the leg

Right Shoes/Right color legging – black on black makes your legs look longer because your body is not broken

The Glamour Shrink has some useful secrets that will make any woman look good in leggings. “Always consider the entire body silhouette before dressing. Match colors, textures and shapes in a way that together create one unified story. Don’t break up the body too much with too many colors. Think of clothing, accessories and your body as one palate. The idea is for the entire ensemble to move the observer’s eye from the face, down through the body to the feet. If anything you are wearing is drawing attention to the widest part of your body, don’t wear it,” she advises.

Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde featured this article because she thought we could all look better in leggings with some advise.  No product or compensation was provided.

Pflatzgraff Dinnerware

[ 2 ] September 29, 2010 |

Winner is….

Pzaltzgraff Country Cupboard_4pc

Linda K.  She has confirmed and the dishes are already on the way.

A special thanks to Lifetime Brands and Pfaltzgraff has been working with us to provide this lovely set of Country Cupboard dishes, an 8 place setting grouping valued at $150.  We hope to be working with Lifetime brands again soon!

WOULDn’t you like that???  Let us know.