Red, White and Blue Salad Ingredients –4th of July

red, white and blue salad

Red White and Blue Salad Ingredients and Red, White and Blue Food Here’s a variety  of great red white and blue salad ingredients for mixing up your 4th of July Salads! RED Salad Ingredients, toss-ins, add-ins Tomatoes, radishes, red peppers, strawberries, raspberries, cherries (dried),  sweet and sour cherries, apples (red and white), cranberries, pomegranate seeds, […]

Year 2050–What will the world be like when I am 100? Big Think


Big Think Answers In 2050–Will you be healthier?  Wealthier?  Wiser? By 2050,  the planet will house 9 billion people, who will consume  ever more precious resources all the while  leading even greater  technologically complicated existences.  What will we eat?  What will out towns and cities be like?  Will the climate crisis still exist or will […]

See what you will look like in 30 years!

Still Blonde image

Want a Peek into the Future? Simulate an Older You for Free with First Online Application to Show Real Photos 20, 30 Years into the Future Ever wonder what you will look like in 20 years? How about 30? Luxand Inc., developer of and, is launching, a new free website that […]

Minivan Sales To Rise in Women over 45

woman driving darn mini van

ARE WE ALWAY GOING TO DRIVE THESE DARN MINIVANS? Apparently! HONK SURVEY SUGGESTS THAT MINIVAN SALES ARE POISED TO RISE AS US POPULATION AGES After years of declining sales,minivans may be poised for a comeback. Though minivans are most often associated with young families, a study by car-shopping website, Honk found an interesting group of […]

Namemaker Clothing Labels and Pesonalized Ribbon Review

namemaker personalized Labels

 NameMaker Clothing Labels,  Quality Since 1938 What the Company Says: Namemaker is the clothing labels expert. They offer personalized woven clothing labels, iron-on woven clothing labels, 100% woven clothing labels, sewing, quilting, knitting & iron on labels, camp iron on clothing labels, personalized ribbons and wedding favors ribbons. Their personalized clothing labels are the best […]