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Red, White and Blue Salad Ingredients –4th of July

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Red White and Blue Salad Ingredients and Red, White and Blue Food

Red, White and Blue Salad Ingredients

Here’s a variety  of great red white and blue salad ingredients for mixing up your 4th of July Salads!

RED Salad Ingredients, toss-ins, add-ins


Tomatoes, radishes, red peppers, strawberries, raspberries, cherries (dried),  sweet and sour cherries, apples (red and white), cranberries, pomegranate seeds, red potatoes (red and white), red onion, red wine, red jello, beets, red lentils, red cabbage, kidney beans, red lobster, watermelon, currents, red grapefruit, blood oranges, papaya, guava, red pasta, red salad dressings, red grapes, bacon, caviar

WHITE Salad Ingredients, add ins, toss-ins

white beans

Hard Boiled eggs (without yoke), Cauliflower, white beans (cooked any variety), white asparagus, white onions, mushrooms, pasta, marshmallows, cucumbers (peeled), cream cheese, dream whip, mayonnaise, potaotes (peeled), apples (peeled), celery root, barley, horseradish, garlic, bananas, ginger, jicama, parsnips and turnips, clear jello, white cheeses, fish, chicken, sour cream, marshmellow whip,

BLUE Salad Ingredients, add ins, toss-ins

blueberriesBlueberries (Duh!), blackberries, eggplant, figs, raisins, juneberries, plums, prunes, purple grapes,  blue jello, blue potatoes, blue peeps



What Red White and Blue Salad ingredients did I miss?

Blogger Note:  Story  idea provided by Tossed ( The top picture was adapted from a photo by  Angelo DeSantis. No compensation was provided, the Chief blonde just thought you might enjoy this content.

Year 2050–What will the world be like when I am 100? Big Think

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Big Think Answers In 2050–Will you be healthier?  Wealthier?  Wiser?

What will the world be like when I am 100

By 2050,  the planet will house 9 billion people, who will consume  ever more precious resources all the while  leading even greater  technologically complicated existences.  What will we eat?  What will out towns and cities be like?  Will the climate crisis still exist or will we still exist?  BIG THINK asked top thinkers across the country these and other questions to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Smithsonian magazine.   The outcome  is Big Think’s special series which discusses  Life in 2050 .  Summary of the findings:


  • Dramatic demographic shifts expected.  Average age rates will increase and most people will live in urban areas.


  • Real time pricing for energy will be the result  of  “smart grids”  that all our appliances will be linked to.


  • Media will continue to be radically transformed destroying the traditional model for a news organization and replacing it with  “individuals and small alliances of individuals” reporting and publishing on niche topics.  (Like this really awesome BLOG!)
  • No surprise will come that technological threats such as viruses and terrorism could compromise most of the  openness and freedoms that we currently enjoy online.

The Environment

  • Freshwater will certainly be a bigger issue along with out-of-control rises in sea levels and enormous crop shortfalls.  

Financial Markets

  • Financial products of today, will be determined illegal due to their non-beneficial nature to consumers (eg. over-the-counter derivatives).


  • While we may not radically extend life beyond 120, it is certain that we will continue to improve the quality of life as people age.
  • It is believed that  HIV/AIDS will still exist but our knowledge of the virus and therapies to treat will be more extensive.
  • Food supplies will be more localized  with smaller slaughterhouses , creameries, and increased regional food operations .  Big Think feels we will be healthier due to this trend.


  • Processed foods will be out of vogue and food eaten will be from more local sources.  


  • Race issues will  not be such a significant issue, but class issues may be.  It is even possible that we will see a black pope.
  • Prison Population in the US will decrease by 2050. 

Big Think represents  a worldwide  forum of  today’s top minds and influential experts .  1500 thought leaders worldwide have had their ideas showcased via BIG THINK.

What do you think?  What other changes to our world could/should happen in the next 40 Years?

Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde posted article on Big Think because she thought you would enjoy it.  She was not paid or compensated for this post.


Kymaro Reviews

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Spruce up your Body For Summer! Winner gets ALL 8 Prizes listed below!



Kymaro New Body Shaper

Kymaro’s New Body Shaper

–FAST way to get your figure in shape in seconds.  Put it on and it sucks you in!  Focusing on comfort,  Kymaro’s New Body Shaper is comfortable and bump free.   Retail $39.95

mini size straightenKymaro’s ® Mini Straightener

- Cute little straightener.  It’s perfect for short hair, Travel, your bangs, and quick touch-ups and travel! Compare in size to a permanent market.  I swear the cord is bigger than the iron and it straightens your hair with ease.  Ceramic Heat but compact–6″ and lightweight for on the go styling!

Retail Price: $29.95

Kymaro Hair dryer

Kymaro Hair dryer

Kymaro’s ® Portable Hair Dryer

With 1875 Watts of power, Kymaro’s ® Portable Hair Dryer delivers max temperature and airflow when you need  shiny, frizz-free hair.  Includes  a concentrator attachment for super quick drying time, a removable lint filter which helps with cleaning and improves motor life.  A lightweight pro-grade hair dryer with features like a a folding handle for easy storage and  travel  Retail Price: $24.95

Kymaro Glitz & Glam Eyelashes

Kymaro Glitz & Glam Eyelashes

Glitz & Glam Eye-lash Package!

Crazy — 6 different glam sets of insanely styled lashes.  All this sparkle will satisfy the diva in you and the devil in him for a  fraction of cost you would pay at any store!

Retail: $19.95

Kymaro Bust UPS

Kymaro Bust Ups


Bust Up Cups™

Dream of  a shapelierand sexier figure? Tired of  uncomfortable push-up barely there bras and slippy inserts that do not stay put? Want the lift withoug the  cosmetic surgery?

Here’s the secret that all models know… Introducing Bust Up Cups™ from to you by Kymaro®

Retail $19.95


Before and After Kymaro Sunless Tanning System

Kymaro Sunless Tanning System:

Want to avoid the uneven orangeness of self sunless tanning?Some Manufactures add messy makeup and dyes that just end up on your clothes, stain your  furniture and bedding.  Kymaro ™ had a alternative approach! A light responsive formula is utilized so you knowwhere you’ve  applied tanning  lotion, then utilize the  light wand  to highlight where you have applied the tanning lotion which allows for checking out your tan  before it’s too late.

Retail: $39.95


Before Fix my Roots

makeover 2

After Fix my Roots

 Kymaro Fix My Roots

Fix My Roots covers  roots without  rubbing off! The innovative formula bonds into your hair at the roots yet easily  washes out with shampoo.  Fix My Roots is  easy-to-use and hassle free tool which gets the color on your  hair with measured control and precision.  Easy to bring along too!   Didn’t especially love this product.  Retail: $9.95


body shaperKymaro’s new Bottom Shaper,

is a super way to smooth your silhouette..  Retail price: $9.95

Buy all these items at:


The Prize: $180 Of Kymaro Beauty/Spa Essentials  1/ per winner.  8 products featured above!

The Rules: Contest Runs from 6-29-2010 to 7-06-2010

Super Simple Main Entry: Answer AT LEAST ONE or all the questions below and email your entry to   If you answer more than one question, than that counts as extra entries!  YIPEE!    (it’s okay to put all the answers in one email)
1.  Go to this link and email us at the address above:  What “Featured” product  would you like  to have? (Hint: the featured products start in the middle of the page)

2. Go to this link and email us at the address above:  How many colors does Fix my Roots come in?  (Hint: bottom) –

3. Go to this link and email us at the address above: How long do you have to return items? (Hint: look at the return policy)

4.  Go to this link and email us at the address above:  What’ colors do the body shapers come in?

5. Go to this link and email us at the address above:  This page shows the three steps of the Kymaro Sunless tanning system with three pictures.  What is the third step?
6. Go to this link and email us at the address above: What color is the woman’s bathing suit on this page?
7.  Go to this link and email us at the address above: Name any  famous celebrity mentioned on this page:

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Fashionista Events

See what you will look like in 30 years!

[ 2 ] June 26, 2010 |

Want a Peek into the Future? Simulate an Older You for Free with

Chief Blonde aged 30 years

Chief blonde age 24 and 54

Chief Blonde at 47 aged to 77

First Online Application to Show Real Photos 20, 30 Years into the Future

Ever wonder what you will look like in 20 years? How about 30? Luxand Inc., developer of and, is launching, a new free website that simulates the effects of time on the photo subject’s face, prompting the tagline “See You…In 20 Years!” When the user uploads a photo, the application automatically recognizes and transforms facial structures to make the subject of the photo appear to be 20 or 30 years older, depending on the user’s choice.

In the pictures above the Chief Blonde has aged herself 30 years!  I took a picture of my self when I was 24 (1/2 a lifetime ago) and aged myself to 54.  I took another of myself at 47 and aged myself to 77.  Ha!  I am not getting older, I am getting better.  Wanna try it on yourself?  Your husband?

To see what he/she will look like in the future, the user simply selects a few parameters (including gender and how many years into the future) and uploads a photo of his/her face. Click the link to see the results—a fully aged version of the photo the user uploaded. The application requires no registration and is available for free.

“We’re all curious about our futures, so why not start with something today’s technology can loosely predict?” said Alex Konoplev, CEO of Luxand. “In20Years is a fun application that lets us visualize how we might look in the future and share these pictures with our friends.”

For a little extra fun, Luxand includes a “drug addict” option, which combines the effects of aging and years of drug use to offer a truly frightening look into the future.  (ALthough you may find it hard to believe the Chief Blonde did not use the “Years of Drug Use option”!)

Based on Luxand face detection and morphing technologies, the In20Years engine automatically detects facial features in a photo and then runs algorithms to transform each feature to appear as it might in 15 or 30 years. It is compatible with any size photo at any resolution.

Still Blonde imageChief Blonde Remarks:  Fun application.  Try it out and send me copies, I promise not to post.  You don’t have to sign up to try it.  Some of their other applications you do though, so take note of that.

For more information or a peek into the future, visit