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Memorial Day! Thank the HEROS!

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On this Memorial Day we pause if but for a moment...

cross 9_11

We will not forget your service–Any of you who have boldly fought, died, stood by, wept, planned or spoke for this marvelous country. WE WILL NOT FORGET!

May God bless you on this Memorial day!   And may God Bless America!

FitnessUWear Wearable Workout Review! Women over 45

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banglz-all muscle
Contest Closed–Winners initials are KH. She has been notified, waiting for confirmation.  I wish I could have awarded a prize to all of you!

Chief Blonde Remarks: Our Giveaway today is for FitnessUWear product line which features low impact resistance wearable exercise bracelets, anklets, and skirts!  Check out our Post on FitnessUWear  
Women over 45 and their younger friends will really love these products.  A great way to sneak in exercise!
Included in today”s Giveaway: 

½ lb Everyday Banglz – comfortable weighted bracelets can maximize muscle tone and burn more calories during your daily activities with a slight, ongoing resistance.  Banglz most Popular item!  Colors: Black, Brown and Variety of Colors, One Size: Adjustable with expander!,  Set: $24.95
Blue Banglz
Walker 1 lb Fitness Banglz – Designed for an extra push during low-impact exercise.1lb- Soft, Inspiring, Comfortable Hands-Free Walking Weights To Add Some Muscle Work To Your Walks!  Colors: Variety of Colors, One Size: Adjustable with expander!,  Set: $27.95
women walking
1 lb Ankle Banglz – Designed to be worn throughout the day like an anklet, strengthening lower body and working legs, hips and glutes.Colors: Black, Denim and Pink  $36.95

Banglz Ankle - Black

Simple Skirt – made of draping, stretch fabrics and are carefully selected to be sophisticated yet fun.  The slight a-line flair looks great on all body types either worn up on the waist or lower on the hips. Sizes: XS-XL Colors: Black, Brown and a Variety of Prints  Price: $44.95
Simple Skirt - Floral
Smartslip – made with a special fabric that adds slight, ongoing resistance in every step, targeting hips, glutes and legs while you go about your normal day.  Sizes: XS-1x  Styles:  Full and Low Rise  Colors: Black and Neutral  Price: $46.95

You can find all the products on Buy Banglz here on Amazon. Buy Fitness U Wear 

Contest open to U.S. residents in the continental US with a valid street address. Item will be shipped to your home. No PO Boxes please. Winner(s) are selected randomly. To claim your prize(s), will contact you within 48 hours of the contest closing. You must contact within 48 hours after that with your mailing address so companies can mail your prizes. Prize(s) not claimed by (48 hours) will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected in a live giveaway. Please provide a valid email address to be informed in case you do win a giveaway. Good Luck!

Blog Note: Chief Blonde and Blogger was provided a review sample.  No compensation was provided.  The opinions are her own.

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What do Bloggers get paid for Sponsored Posts? Preliminary Study

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Averages Range from $15-60

Did you ever wonder how much to charge/ask for Sponsored Posts?    I have recently connected with Still Stacie (a blog for Reviews and Giveaways) and  we have worked together to develop this preliminary article.  As part of Stacie’s Build a Beautiful Blog Week  and the Chief Blonde’s desire to inform her readers who are bloggers, we have decided to tackle some questions that are kicking around out there in blogger land.

This article is a preliminary look at what bloggers are charging for sponsored posts.  

Factors Considered when Charging for Sponsored Posts

The major conclusion we have been able to draw from the 42 respondents is that the price they charge “DEPENDS” on a number of factors.  These factors include:
·         Length of article
·         Pre-written Press Release or Inpreted Press releases
·         How many link backs required
·         What extras are included—Tweets, Facebook postings, etc.
·         How many of my blogs do I post it to?
·         What is the product/service?
·         How relevant is it to my readers?
·         Level of complexity
·         Pictures required 

Factors Affecting Pricing or Offers:

As is typical in any market, the prices charged for sponsored posts vary widely.  Factors contributing to this variance include:
·         Age of the blog
·         Popularity of the blog
·         Audience of the blog
·         Competency of the Chief Blogger
·         Reputation of the blog
What Bloggers are Charging or Getting Paid:
Preliminary results indicate that bloggers are commanding between $2-200 per sponsored post.  While the $2 AND the $200 appear to be exceptions, it appears that $15-35 for a short (200 word) 1-2 link post is quite typical, with prices ranging from $30-60 and up,  for longer more detailed posts.  
Let’s Expand the Study!

We would like you to continue to email us both please ( and ) with your input so we can do a more extensive article.  All we want to know is:
·         What you charge for sponsored posts?
·         What additional extras do you provide?

  We will compile the results, without any reference to your name or your blog, and post the results on our blogs so that you can see exactly what the blogger market is saying you are worth.  Information sharing is good for all of us as bloggers.  If we have a comprehensive study to point to, we can all validate our worth to advertisers and PR professionals.  
For additional thoughts on this topic, please refer to Still Blonde after all these Year’s article on:  What’s A Blogger’s Worth–Mini PR Guide–When or What Should a Blogger be Paid?

You can view the article that I co-authored with Simply Stacie here: ..

Stereovision s3d pc PCs at the Tipping Point

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Jon Peddie Research says S3D PCs will thrive if there is good content to feed demand


There just might be a stereovision PC in your Christmas stocking this year.  Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry’s research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia just completed an in-depth look at the emerging Stereo 3D (S3D) PC market. Titled, “Stereovision in PCs,” The report finds that the S3D market is poised for rapid growth in the immediate future. Close to one million dedicated S3D PCs will ship in 2010. That number will grow to 75 million by 2014 as S3D becomes ubiquitous.
 JPR S3D shipment data

 Table 1: Growth rates from 2010 to 2014
Although most PCs will be S3D capable due to the GPUs that are in them, not all PCs will be S3D PCs because they need a special monitor, glasses, and appropriate content. However, S3D PCs will be very attractive to several important market segments.
JPR’s report provides forecasts for the unit sales of the seven major applications that will take advantage of S3D on the PC:

1.      PC: Games
2.      Blu-ray DVD movies
3.      Streaming TV (IP TV)
4.      Photo-editing
5.      Home video editing
6.      Streaming video (from YouTube and other sites)
7.      Professional graphics (CAD and visualization)

“Gaming will be the vehicle for kick-starting the S3D PC market,” said Jon Peddie. “The gaming segment has the largest inventory of content and the most vocal enthusiasts who will spread the word and show their friends and families what it looks like and what it can do.”
Pricing and Availability
The JPR S3D PC Market Study is available for $2,995.   Women over 45 take note–in a couple of years, this will be the technology that you will have to stand outside of TARGET for before Christmas!  You might as well be informed about it now!
Blog Note:  Chief Blonde did not receive compensation or product for this post.  Information provided by the company.