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Write your Memoir–Women over 45–2010 1st quarter Book Review

[ 0 ] March 31, 2010 |
The Soul of Telling Your Story

 Chief Blonde Remarks:  Did you ever try to organize your photos online or even in photo albums?  Did you struggle with what organizational approach to take when laying out the pictures of your life?  Chronologically?  By event?  By person?  And what do you throw out and what do you keep?  Should you scrapbook the pictures or just put them in order in a photo album or just throw them in a box and walk away?  Well that’s exactly what it is like to write your memoirs but a whole lot harder.  If you really have a story to tell, Write Your Memoirs will help you get there and make the later reading of that writing pleasurable for yourself and your readers!

The Publisher says: 
Of all forms of writing, the memoir is perhaps most personal. In Write Your Memoir, The Soul Work of Telling Your Story, literary professor and author Dr. Allan Hunter, demonstrates a compassionate understanding of the writing process. The book is intended to assist, educate and inspire those who wish to write their memoirs. For over 30 year, Dr. Hunter has guided hundreds of people who wished to tell their stories to an honest exploration of their lives and in this manual he lays out how to do it. Anyone, who picks up this book, learns within the first few pages that Hunter cares about writers, understands the process and knows how to encourage and create honest and genuine results.    
Dr. Hunter’s approach is an unusual one in that he advocates something he calls ‘soul work’, a psychic process that involves exploring the inner experience of the writer. Hunter shows that writing one’s memoir can move the writer to a different relationship with him or herself and their past. The book offers exercises and resources to clarify those experiences thereby resulting in a richer story, a more fully realized memoir and a profoundly changed writer. This is Dr. Hunter’s fifth book and as always his clear style is filled with humor, insight and sensitivity. 

The Art of Overeating–Women over 45–2010 1st quarter Book Review

[ 0 ] March 31, 2010 |
A Bellyful of Laughs about our Food-Phobic Culture

The Art of Overeating is a satire on our diet-obsessed culture released by psychotherapist Leslie Landis who believes humor is a better way to deal with eating issues than shaming someone. Her husband, Martin, is a world-class overeater and has lost 25 lbs. since the launch of her book at Barnes & Noble. He didn’t want
to be the poster boy for overeating!  It is a beautifully illustrated hardback and sells for $9.95 For more info, visit; or purchase at

The video below gives you the author’s tongue in cheek intro to the book!


Chief Blonde says:  The pictures and remarks in the Art of Overeating by Leslie Landis combine for hilarity!  “Always stand by the kitchen door so you can grab the whole tray of hors d’oeuveres before the server gets to the other guests.  Insist that you are taking care of a special group of elderly or infirm people.”  or “Overeating is a noble and unselfish act.  As you put away gargantuan amounts of food, those sharing the meal with you will be so put off by your example that they will order less, eat less and pass on dessert.”  It’s the ridiculousness of it all that makes you realize the true obsession that we have in this culture with food.  A perfect perfect gift for a woman over 45 who would much rather not struggle with the “food” issue everyday!