Item #5-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–Elizabeth Gillett Scarf

Elizabeth Gillett

 Elizabeth Gillett Scarves   Elizabeth Gillett, trained as a painter and printmaker at Hartwick College, couldn’t find a replacement for a favorite lost scarf so she designed her own. Within months the same velvet scarf was being sold at Barneys New York and Elizabeth was running a … [Read more...]

YAK PAK Review Item #4–Valentine’s Gift Guide

yak pak

Yak Pak is Back Yak Pak Uptown Messenger $25 This Valentine’s Day, you want the world to know that you’re here and looking for love.  Sitting by quietly has gotten you nowhere and now you just want to scream it from a mountain top. Well, Yak Pak has a few things that can help let … [Read more...]

Visine TOTALITY™ Item #3-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

To whiten and brighten bloodshot eyes…after a Bad Valentine's Date What the Company Says: Try new VISINE® TOTALITY™ Multi-Symptom Eye Drops. The first and only over-the-counter multi-symptom eye drop uniquely formulated to relieve the seven symptoms of eye irritation, including red, burning, … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Snacking for Women over 45! The 100 Year Lifestyle!

100 Year Lifestyle

THE 100 YEAR lifestyle can help you avoid Super Bowl Snacking FAT! We're two weeks away from Superbowl Sunday; a day that's become better known for feasting than football. Nabisco tells us to "Snack Happy," but how happy will you be when you step on the scale after the eating frenzy is … [Read more...]

Item #1–Valentine’s Day Gift Guide– Chris Drummond Beauty Review

Chris Drummond

Christopher Drummond Gift Set for Women ($95, What the Company says: Christopher Drummond Beauty, the all-natural, vegan, organic-based makeup line created by former model and professional makeup artist Christopher Drummond, recently introduced his new Gift Set … [Read more...]