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Diamond Organics — Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Freshness, Flavor & Convenience. Guaranteed 

Diamond Organics

                  Diamond Organics Fruit and Goodie Basket 

stillblondeChief Blonde’s Remarks:  Diamond Organics  sent us this sumptuous  fruit basket pictured above, the Fruit and Goodie Basket ($84). This  winter  basket contained fresh, seasonal organic fruit including apples, pears, citrus, mangoes. persimmons, organic chocolate and  delicious house-roasted tamari almonds.  Oh! It was so incredible having so much fresh FRESH fruit in the winter!  The presentation upon delivery was awesome.  You just have to go to their website and see all the beautiful fresh organic and gift selections they have.

Diamond Organics is famous in California and have had numerous write-ups in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  When you see their on line selection, realize they give you free overnight shipping, and see the quality they deliver–you will want to write about them too.  I wanted to order everything in the catalog and will order more when I need to send gift baskets.  AWESOME!!! 
What the Company says: Every day we work directly with organic farmers along California’s Central Coast, which is renowned for its mild year-round growing climate and deep, rich soil. The farmers we work with often harvest produce the same day you place your order.
Country of Origin – The majority of our products comes from the U.S., with a few exceptions with some of the following selections: wine, artisan cheese, fish, olive oil and other Mediterranean foods, coffee, tea and some produce. We do our best to list the country of origin, either on the packaging or in the description.
Diamond Organics Guarantee
Diamond Organics  guarantee is simple. They want to be sure you are completely satisfied with the freshness of your food products and the service you receive from Diamond Organics. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, with the freshness of your products or our service, just let them know and they will do their very best to keep you happy.


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UPDATE 4-9-2013:  This company is no longer accepting orders via the Web.
Still blonde after all these YEARS

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–Joey Junior Products Review

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From Joey JuniorTM Products

The Joey Junior™ Purse Organizer is a gem of a find for those needing to organize any kind of bag. The Purse Organizer has room for all of life’s daily necessities such as your MP3 player, cell phone, makeup and keys. With two sizes and many colors, patterns and fabrics, there is one for everyone.  Here’s how it works–Follow the Pictures.

Joey Junior

1.  Big cool purse with No POCKETS!–All the stuff you want inside, but no way to organize-WHAT A MESS!

Joey Junior
2.  Joey Junior Original Purse Organizer–Just put all your stuff in the pockets–like a kangaroo does.  
Joey Junior in purse
3.  Slip the Joey Junior inside your purse and LOVE your purse again!

What the Company says: The Original Classic Purse Organizer has 6 pockets, a special pocket for business cards and a great key clip to keep your keys from slipping into the “black hole” at the bottom of your bag. The organizer measures 5” x 26” and comes in 9 great shades and patterns. The smaller Mini version is 4 ¼” x 7 ½” with 4 generous pockets and the same great key clip. You can switch bags in literally seconds, so no more dumping your bag out to change to another one. Celebrities who own Joey Junior Purse Organizers include Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, and Courtney Cox,  Retail priced under $25. Amazon– Classic $19.95 Mini $14.95 Visit
Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  We received this Organizer in both the Classic 6 Pocket size in a really cool zebra fabric and the smaller Mini Purse Mate by Joey Junior (Leopard)  version in a brown suede. Both performed super well for the task of organizing a messy bag!  They were made in a high quality manner and were perfectly suited to any bag we slipped them into.  Still Blonde after all these YEARS!  highly recommends these super cute bag organizers for Women over 45 and all our younger Friends. 
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