“Every Minute On Facebook” According to Time Magazine

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What Happens Every Minute on Facebook? 50,000 Shared Links 60,000 Photo Tagged 74,000 Event Invites 79,000 Wall Posts 83,000 Status Updates 99,000 Friend Requests 136,000 Photos Uploaded 232,000 Messages Sent 383,000 “Likes” 510,000 Comments It probably took you more that a minute to read this!  Can you believe how this one website affects lives? Blog […]

Facebook Tips: Consider deleting Facebook Apps that are more than 2 years old

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Are you letting Older Facebook Apps access TOO MUCH of your Data? Applications that are pre-2009,collected a great deal more data than today’s current apps.  Pre-2009 Apps collected contact information, photos, videos, and your  friends’ information. Applications created after 2009 allow you to alter the sharing interests, friends’ lists and other personal information as a […]

What to buy with your Gift Cards and Holiday Money Holiday Gift Guide

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Great After Christmas Ideas for Spending those Gift Cards and Holiday Dough.. _________________________________________________________ Wear the elegance of a celebrity… Holiday gift for yourself: Suss2 Suss2 designs: Camilla Tunic ($198.00)  Jasmine Cardigan ($170) Holiday Gift for Yourself Highlights: Bamboo fabric is a coveted and comfortable material that is: –  Soft, smooth, and luxurious. —  Feels and […]

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide, Women over 45

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Some Lovely Little Things for You to Stash in the Stocking! The presents you will find in this Holiday Gift guide will ensure they enjoy their stocking as much as the presents under the tree! ____________________________________________________________ Holiday Gift Guide Items for your Stocking! Remove Eye Makeup With Ease: The Non-Toxic Way.. Stocking Stuffer Item: Ava […]

MOZRANK? WEBSITE GRADER? The New Alternative to Google PageRank?

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What’s a PR person to do? Public Relations (PR)  personnel have long relied on Google PageRank to decide which blogs to choose for featuring their products, selecting brand ambassadors, placing ads, etc.  Now (as of this writing), Google Page Rank has not been updated since April 2010.  (Sure as I write this article, they will […]