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29 Great BIG Giveaway Prizes– Holiday Gift Guide

[ 0 ] November 29, 2009 |
Big Giveaway Dec. 1st–Dec.10 Holiday Gift Guide
CONTEST NOW CLOSED!  Winners have been notified.  Winner list available upon request.
Note:  Rules to Enter are at the end of the Article.  Basically just email with the #’s of the giveaways that you want to be entered in!

Here’s the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways:

Giveaway #1–1 Calendar–Value $20.00

This Holiday Season Give A Gift That Will Sizzle All Year Long…

Giving Product: 2010 Calendar New Orleans Firefighters “Look Hot”


Proceeds used to close funding gap to purchase needed equipment for New Orleans Fire Fighters
Giving Gift Product Highlights:  This holiday season give the gift of the New Orleans Fire Fighters Look Hot Calendar! In its third year, the calendar was created in response to Hurricane Katrina to replace much needed uniforms and equipment. “It is truly a blessing each year as the community rallies behind the fire fighters to support us through the calendar,” says Assistant Superintendent of the New Orleans Fire Department, Timothy McConnell. “The calendar lets our fire fighters have fun while highlighting them for their hard work and dedication to New Orleans.” 
The New Orleans Fire Fighters Look Hot Calendar was first launched in 2007 with the release of the 2008 calendar. In just two years, the Foundation has sold over 10,000 calendars all over Louisiana as well as in 30 other states and even as far away as Norway. The 2008 and 2009 calendars raised over $120,000 in profits. The funds have gone towards replacing uniforms lost to Hurricane Katrina and dollars have been allocated for the purchase of a mobile command and recovery unit which should arrive in the next few months. 
Giving Product Price:  The third annual calendar –$20.00.  For a complete list of retail locations or to purchase a calendar online, visit

Chief Blonde’s Remarks:   The envelope was BURNING when it arrived.  As I am a married woman, I can’t say much more, however I think the cover photo above says it all, DON’T YOU?  We will be giving this calendar away on Dec. 1 in our Giveaway blog.  Don’t miss it!  

Giveaway #2–Snack Size ReSnackit–Value $9.95
Reduce, Reuse, ReSnackit!

Earth Inspired. Mom Invented. Child Endorsed!
Earth Friendly Product Highlights:  Why Resnackit Ever notice how many plastic baggies you go through?  Approximately 20 million baggies are thrown away every week in US schools.  An average family spends $300 per year on snack packing materials.  It takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to break down and as it does toxic substances leach into soil and enters the food chain. 
Earth Friendly Retail Price:  $7.99—9.99 Sandwich size and Snack size in a varied array of colors for the corporate executive to the tiniest toddler.

Chief Blonde says:  Well when I first saw these, the mom in me said, “Great idea, but how do they stay clean?”  Well, you can wash them in the washing machine, dishwasher, or hand wipe.  NEAT!  I also liked the fact they have no lead, BPA, Phthalates or PVC.   My absolute favorite is that they are made in the USA!  ReSackits come packaged so cute–with actually no packaging.  They are just tied with a bit of twine and a really cute card explaining how they work.  The fabrics are adorable and the quality of construction screams handcrafted.  Watch the video, it explains so much!  

Giveaway #3–Montagne Jeunesse  Top to Toe Pampering Giveaway
“top to toe” gift package includes a variety  of  hair masques, foot scrubs and face masks
Peels off Easy…
Stocking Stuffer Product: Montagne Jeunesse face masks
Montagne Jeunesse Assortment

This Year- Why not Give the Gift of Pampering- at a Price that won’t Break the Bank?                      

Stocking Stuffer Product Highlights: Montagne Jeunesse face masks are great, inexpensive feel-good items that are available at most mass, drug and grocery retailers across the US. With a vast array of different varieties, it’s difficult to choose just one!  All are packed with amazing natural ingredients, vegetarian society approved and never animal tested. Treat yourself and loved ones today! Some of the great choices include:
A1 Passion Peel ft
·         Passion Peel-Off Mask–Pomegranate, Raspberry, Grape and Cranberry- an antioxidant powerhouse formula!
·         Crystal Mask– An excellent exfoliating mask with sparkling sugar cane, crystallized honey, and passion flower. It smells as yummy as it sounds andgoes on warm – leaves your skin glowing and so smooth.
·         Cucumber Peel-Off Mask
·         Chocolate Mud Mask—the best seller!  The most decadent mask of them all…the signature Chocolate Mud Mask is made with real chocolate (don’t attempt to eat please) and is a deep cleansing mask. The smell will soothe you as your skin is left cleansed, nourished and moisturized.
Stocking Stuffer Retail Price:  $2.25 (No..REALLY!).  At that price, you can buy every kind! 
Chief Blonde’s remarks:  They said that peeling off the mask was their favorite aspect of the product because it was really fun.  The reviewers said they could feel the mask working and the smell was great!  
Giveaway #4–Nutrition at Your Fingertips Book by Elisa Zied, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.
(5 copies to be given away!) 
Nutrition at your Fingertips…

Nutrition at Your Fingertips, the latest book by leading national nutrition expert Elisa Zied, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

Nutrition at your FIngertips

The All-inclusive “Go-To” Guide That Answers All Your Nutrition and Health Questions in a Practical, No-Nonsense Way

Book Highlights:  

Nutrition at Your Fingertips is the “go to” guide to have on your desk or kitchen counter. It teaches you:
  • How to eat to beat diseases that may be preventable
  • The functions of vitamins and minerals and where to get them
  • The symptoms of a food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity
  • How to burn more calories in less time
  • How consuming more fiber can slim your waistline and how to get more of it
  • Where all those extra calories in your diet lurk
  • Whether you’re eating a portion or a serving
  • How consuming super foods can increase weight loss
  • How to indulge without going overboard
  • How to balance your food and fitness choices to manage or lose weight 

Book Retail Price:  $18.95 ($12.89 on Amazon)

Chief Bloggers remark:  This highly impressive book is by an equally impressive author.  If all of these organizations trust her advice, shouldn’t you?   For 5 years, Elisa has been a national media spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, the nation’s largest professional organization that represents almost 70,000 nutrition professionals. Reporters and producers regularly seek out Elisa’s nutrition expertise and real-world approach to nutrition. She has appeared on CBS’s The Early Show, The Today Show, and on dozens of other national and local programs on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Food Network, Lifetime, and NY1. 

Giveaway #5–A Century of Flavor
A Century of Flavor, a new cookbook by Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
3 Copies to be given away!

A Century of Flavor 

A century of Flavor

A Century of Flavor, a new cookbook published by Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, family-owned and operated since 1907, showcases recipes from the Nielsen family collection, as well as recipes from world-renowned chefs attracted to the quality, flavor and varied functionality of pure vanilla.
Gift ideas from the cookbook include:
• Vanilla oil
• Vanilla maple syrup
• Vanilla Caramel Corn Crunch
• Blueberry Vanilla Granola

ISBN: 978-0979599101
Author: Nielsen Massey Vanillas (Waukegan, IL)
Retail:  $27.95 Amazon $21.95  
Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  Really lovely Hardcover book.  Great vivid color pictures throughout.  Your mouth just waters when you read through the recipes.  Highly recommended!
Giveaway #6–Bang the Key: Four Steps to a Lifelong Writing Practice by Jill Dearman
(3 copies will be given away!)
Bang The Key: Four Steps to a Lifelong Writing Practice
Bang the Keys
From those looking to begin a writing career or those simply hoping to reenergize one, author and writing coach, Jill Dearman, offers guidance.  Bang the Keys includes practical direction to get any writing project off the ground including
§  Tips to find the right plot so they can identify and start “the right project”
§  Exercises to focus and stay motivated
§  Organizing strategies to carry the work through to the final deadline
Bang the Keys: Four Steps to a Lifelong Writing Process
ISBN: 9781592579143, Alpha Books, August 2009,
Retail Price:  $16.95  $11.53 on Amazon
Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  Covers a variety of author related topics to get you off the dime and get your witty little thoughts on to the paper or into the computer.
Giveaway #7–Am I Boring My Dog?
by  Edie Jarolim
(3 Copies to be Given Away)
Am I Boring My Dog? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew 
Am I Boring My Dog Cover
The excitement of a new puppy can easily wear off. In Am I Boring My Dog?, readers find tips, ideas, and fun information for getting the most fun and enjoyment out of their dog, at any age. Author Edie Jarolim offers any dog-owner ideas to try like:
§  Finding a good trainer for your dog and teaching it new tricks
§  Taking an RV or motor home for vacation and bringing the family dog
§  Venturing into dog parks and dog friendly facilities
ISBN: 9781592578801, Alpha Books, September 2009,
Author: Edie Jarolim (Tucson, AZ)
Retail Price:  $14.95 Price:  $11.21
Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  Very Cute, quick read paperback on doggydom.  Broken into a convenient question format.  Especially good for a first time dog-owner!
Giveaway #8–Code Switching: How to Talk so Men Will Listen
by Claire Damken Brown, Ph. D and Audrey Nelson, Ph. D.
(3 Copies to be Given Away)  
Code Switching: How To Talk So Men Will Listen
code switching
In Code Switching, authors Claire Damken Brown, Ph.D. and Audrey Nelson, Ph.D.  decipher the “codes” men and women have that don’t always mesh well.  Readers learn where these codes come from and how to translate to strengthen the communication in every woman’s professional or personal life. Women will read how to:
§  Use their natural tendencies as a women, like social savvy and emotional intelligence, in their favor
§  Have direct conversations by avoiding qualifying statements
§  Take care of themselves at work by learning company policies and knowing how to facilitate meetings
§  Handle conflict while maintaining their femininity
ISBN: 9781592579266, Alpha Books, September 2009, $16.95
Authors: Claire Damken Brown, Ph.D., (Westminster, CO) and Audrey Nelson, Ph.D. (Boulder, CO)
Retail Price: $16.95
Cheif Blonde’s Remarks:  Helps to Unlock the codes and finally understand WHAT the opposite sex is really talking about! Written from a women’s perspective
Giveaway #9–Firsts-Origins of Everything that Changed the World By Wilson Casey
(3 Copies will be given away)
Firsts COVER


Firsts allows readers to develop trivia expertise with surprising, informative, humorous, and always fascinating, little-known facts about the “firsts” that changed the world. Author Wilson Casey describes over 500 firsts in nearly every topic imaginable, from fashion to food, politics to science, sports to art. Firsts includes descriptions of the first…
§  Drive-thru restaurant, Maid Rite Sandwich Shop in Springfield, IL that began serving customers out the window in 1926
§  Person buried on the moon, Eugene M. Shoemaker, whose ashes were delivered in a controlled crash on July 31, 1999
§  Social Security check issued to Ida May Fuller on January 31, 1940 for $22.54
§  Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, published January 20, 1964, with Babette March on the cover
ISBN: 9781592579242, Alpha Books, October 2009,
Author: Casey Wilson (Spartanburg, SC)
Retail Price: $12.95 Price: $9.23

Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  I had to rip this out of my reviewer’s hands in order to get it back for this review.  Super Duper interesting!

Giveaway #10-New Rules For Mortgage
(3 copies to be given away)
New Rules For Mortgage 
new rules for Mortgages cover
The New Rules for Mortgages helps homebuyers and homeowners looking to refinance navigate the industry’s changes with ease. Home-buyers will read how to navigate the new environment, including
§  New credit guidelines: Explaining the new credit guidelines that apply to mortgages;
§  Overcoming obstacles: Shedding light on issues that can arise, including appraisals, title searches, and home inspections;
§  The right down payment: How big your down payment should be – and how much cash you should keep “in reserve”;
§  New mortgage types: Figuring out what type of mortgage is right for you – and what risks are too big to shoulder.
ISBN: 9781592579488, Alpha Books, September 2009,
Author: Dale Siegel (New York, NY)
Chief Blonde’s remarks:  Outlines the newest rules!  Helps to have some REAL guidance in this new era of home buying and mortgage.  Thanks Dale!
Giveaway #11–Complete Idiot’s Guide to Your True Age
By Judith Partnow Hyman Ph. D. and Elaine Bernstein Partnow 
(2 copies to be Given Away)

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Your True Age

Your true age cover
Are you younger—or older—than you think?

Nobody wants to acknowledge that dreaded number on their driver’s license, yet chronological age is only one aspect of what determines a person’s “true age.” Just as we all possess multiple intelligences, we also have multiple ages that make up our “true age.” Expert authors Partnow and Hyman explain just what factors make up these multiple ages, and provide practical insight on ways to improve the scores in each area.

•Includes easy quizzes to help readers determine their “true age profile”
•Addresses medical, educational, sexual, and familial issues—and many More
•A fun and engaging take on cultivating optimal health and well-being

About the Authors

Elaine Bernstein Partnow is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Great Quotes for All Occasions

Judith Partnow Hyman, Ph.D. has run a family practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Encino, California for 25 years.

Retail Price:  $14.95  Amazon Price: $11.21 .

Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  It’s so fun to do this and find out you are 10 years younger than your age!  Not so, when it goes the other way.  Good tips to reduce your “True Age” too. Written in the easily digestible style of all “Complete Idiot’s Guides”!

Giveaway #12-Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stretching Your Dollar
By Shannon Medisky
(2 copies to be Given Away)

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stretching Your Dollar

Stretching your dollar

An online expert and home economist gathers hundreds of practical-and surprising-tips.

Everyone is being squeezed these days by the faltering economy, but nobody wants to give up the things that add to quality of life. Much more than just common sense warmed over, this handy guide will take them through the doldrums of the current economy, helping them budget and set priorities, while still enjoying their lives.

• Hundreds of tips on stretching the dollar-without the no-brainers like “clip coupons”

•The few businesses thriving during the downturn are bargain- and budget- oriented

•Does not require a lifestyle makeover.

About the Author

Shannon M. Medisky is the creator and owner of, an online community. Wife, mother, teacher, home economist, and graphic designer, she holds a double Bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University. Retail Price: $12.95 Price:  $11.01  (stock was extremely low as of this writing..tell you anything about the great DEMAND for this kind of infomation?)

Chief Blonde’s Remarks:  I found this book to be very valuable during these difficult financial times.  We all need new ideas to get ourselves out of the spending rut.  I felt like my thinking was pushed outside of the box with Shannon’s tips.

To Enter:

Contest starts at 1:30 am on Dec. 1 and goes until 12:00 midnight Pacific time on Dec. 10.

Super simple entry method.
1)  You must do this step.  This is your main entry.  Send an email to stating which prizes you want to be entered into the drawing for.   This will give us your email so we can contact you if you have won.  Your email will not be used for any other purpose.  It will not be sold, distributed or anything!

2)  Once you have done #1, every blog post that you make a comment on will get you another entry for all of the prizes that you noted you wanted. You may comment on every blog post if you want, make sure I can identify you from your comment id.

3) Extra entries for all your identified prizes:
1 entry – Follow this blog.
1 entry- Post on your facebook and post the link here.
1 entry- Follow me through Networked Blogs.
1 entry – Blog about this free giveaway and post the link here.
Giveaway ends December 10 at midnight. Pacific Time.
Contest open to U.S. residents with a valid street address. No PO Boxes please. Winner(s) are selected randomly. To claim your prize(s), will contact you within 48 hours of the contest closing.  You must contact within 48 hours after that with your mailing address so companies can mail your prizes.  Prize(s) not claimed by (48 hours) will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected in a live giveaway. Please provide a valid email address to be informed in case you do win a giveaway.  Good Luck!

Blog Notes review

Still blonde after all these YEARS

Recipes: Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas for Women over 45!

[ 0 ] November 27, 2009 |

Leftover Turkey?

According to the National Turkey Federation, over 690 million pounds of turkey were consumed in the United States during Thanksgiving last year… leaving millions of Americans wondering what to do with all those leftovers after friends and family head out the door.
For a tempting alternative to the traditional turkey sandwich, Dedric McGhee, executive chef of Thyme on the Creek, the in-house restaurant at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, CO is offering up his leftover-ready recipe for Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas. 
Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas


Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 medium onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 2-4 ounce cans of chopped green chiles
  • ¼ tsp cumin
  • 1/3 tsp oregano
  • 1/3 tsp coriander powder
  • 1 ½ cups shredded turkey
  • 2 cups cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses
  • 1 pack corn tortillas
  • 1 pint sour cream
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • Salsa
1. Add the butter to a warm sauté pan. 
2. Add onions and sauté until translucent. 
3. Add garlic and cook until it becomes aromatic. 
4. Add flour and cook for 1 minute. 
5. Pour both cans of green chiles into pan.
6. Add cumin, oregano, coriander, chicken broth and a little salt and pepper. 
7. Simmer for 5 minutes at low heat.
8. Place turkey in a mixing bowl. Add 1/3 cup of the green chile mix, 1/3 cup of sour cream, 1/3 of the cheese mixture and salt and pepper. Mix well.
9. Grease a 13×9 baking dish. 
10. Place 1 to 2 tablespoons of filling in each tortilla and roll up. Place the rolled tortillas in the baking dish seam-side down. Continue to add rolled tortillas until the top layer is filled.
11. Pour the rest of the green chile on top of the enchiladas and sprinkle with remaining cheese. 
12. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly.
Serve with sour cream, green onions and salsa.
See all of our Chicken Recipes!
Blogger Note: No Compensation or Endorsement was provided for this Blog Posting.
Still blonde after all these YEARS

Safety Holiday Gift Guide Grandparents

[ 0 ] November 23, 2009 |

Safety Holiday Gift Guide Grandparents

Haul out the holly, fill up the stockings and… break out the stain remover.  The grandchildren are coming for the holidays!
Grandparents have a lot to prepare when grandchildren come to visit.  Being virtually child-free during most days of the year, grandparents don’t have to worry like parents do about things like plugging unused electrical outlets or keeping breakable antiques out of reach of curious hands.
Cleaning experts from THE MAIDS® Home Services, a residential cleaning service, offer the following cleaning tips to help grandparents make their days of tiny people running underfoot a pleasant memory, rather than a holiday nightmare.
§        Dust off old playthings.  Give grandchildren something to do while the adults are busy.  Set aside a room with toys and games for the little ones to enjoy and thoroughly dust and clean each item with a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap.
§        Vacuum “crawl spaces.”  Little ones spend a lot of time on the floor, whether playing or simply crawling around.  Vacuum all floors to remove dust, dirt and small items like rubber bands that can easily wind up in a child’s mouth.
§        When dusting, move small, breakable and/or antique items out of reach for your little ones. Make sure to move things, like picture frames, with sharp corners that can injure small children.
§        Cover unused electrical sockets and move wires, such as those for Christmas tree lights, out of reach.
§        Move garlands and other dangling holiday decorations out of your grandchildren’s reach.  A hanging garland can be a choking hazard for a curious child.  If you have a holiday tree, keep breakable ornaments and loose tinsel off the lower branches.
§        Keep an emergency “stain remover kit” handy.  Include a bottle of club soda, dry cleaning fluid and a plastic spray bottle filled with the following solution: one teaspoon mild laundry detergent, one teaspoon white vinegar and one quart of cool water.  This solution is safe for washable fabrics and most carpets.  For non-washable fabrics, use the dry cleaning fluid, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
§        Move cleaning products that contain hazardous chemicalsto high shelves or cabinets to ensure they are out of sight and out of reach of children.Blog Note:  No products or endorsements were provided for this blog post.

Eco-Friendly Green Holiday Gift Guide for Women 45 and over!

[ 4 ] November 22, 2009 |

I Love the Earth!
Gifts for Your Granola Friends, People Who Don’t Want to Wear Animal Parts, and Everyone Who Recycles.

earth friendly

Reduce, Reuse, ReSnackit!
Earth Inspired. Mom Invented. Child Endorsed!
Earth Friendly Product Highlights:  Why Resnackit? Ever notice how many plastic baggies you go through?  Approximately 20 million baggies are thrown away every week in US schools.  An average family spends $300 per year on snack packing materials.  It takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to break down and as it does toxic substances leach into soil and enters the food chain.
Earth Friendly Retail Price:  $7.99—9.99 Sandwich size and Snack size in a varied array of colors for the corporate executive to the tiniest toddler.
Chief Blonde says:  Well when I first saw these, the mom in me said, “Great idea, but how do they stay clean?”  Well, you can wash them in the washing machine, dishwasher, or hand wipe.  NEAT!  I also liked the fact they have no lead, BPA, Phthalates or PVC.   My absolute favorite is that they are made in the USA!  ReSackits come packaged so cute–with actually no packaging.  They are just tied with a bit of twine and a really cute card explaining how they work.  The fabrics are adorable and the quality of construction screams handcrafted.  Watch the video, it explains so much!
Join. Reserve. Unlock. Drive.
Earth Friendly Product:  Zipcar

Car-sharing Service that gives Urban Residents Access to Vehicles by the Hour or by the Day.
Earth Friendly Product Highlights: With the impact of the recession, owning a car – or giving one for the holidays – just isn’t what it used to be. In fact, a recent survey shows that the average American household spends 19 percent of their income on vehicle-related expenses. Add in the hassles of city parking, and many urban residents are questioning car ownership altogether.   A gift of a a Zipcar membership gives the receiver  the gift of car ownership – without any of the high costs and hassles.
Some of the benefits of Zipcar membership include:
  • More money in your wallet – Zipcar members report saving an average of $600 a month or $7,200 a year compared with owning a car
  • Gas, insurance and parking – included in every reservation
  • A car for any errand or occasion – Zipcar offers more than 30 makes and models
  • Access to cars globally– Zipcar has 6,500 vehicles in 28 North American states and provinces
  • A reduced carbon footprint – Zipcar members drive less, and walk, bike and take public transit more; each Zipcar takes 15 – 20 personally owned cars off the road, and Zipcar offers reduced rates on select hybrid vehicles, starting at just $8 an hour
And for the iPhone users among family and friends, the new Zipcar iPhone app allows them to actually honk, unlock and lock their Zipcar – all from their iPhone. Check out a guided tour here.
Earth Friendly Retail Price:  Membership cost $50-75.  Hourly rates around $7 depending on city.  Daily rates available.
Chief Blonde’s Remarks:   I was not able to try this service.  It doesn’t exist in our town. However, I have read about it extensively,  it seems like a good value for the consumer and a great idea for the city environment. Just the fact that it has survived this long is a testimony to the service.   Watch the video!
You’ll Never Miss A Birthday Again!
Earth Friendly Product: Jack Cards
Sending Paper Greeting Cards on Time for Every Important Occasion has Never Been so Easy!
Earth Friendly Product Highlights: Jack Cards is changing the way people purchase and send greeting cards by delivering ready-to-mail cards to you, to personalize and send, just in time before each important occasion. The site makes it easy to do something special for others.
No more last-minute dashes to the store, tedious card-aisle cruising or post office hassles, Jack Cards is the new must-see site that lets you order all of your paper greeting cards online, in advance of upcoming dates, not only for the holidays, but for the year ahead (birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day….) You simply upload your contact information and important dates, and then choose from thousands of fabulous greeting cards (they’re not your typical drugstore card.) Best of all, Jack Cards remembers important dates for you, addresses and stamps your envelopes and delivers each card to your home or office, just in time for you to personalize and send.
Earth Friendly Retail Price: Membership is free, cards range in price from $2.45 to $6.95.
Chief Blonde says:  I tried this service myself.  I spent $12 and was able to get three cards purchased and delivered to my house without going to the card store.  I would say that’s fairly comparable with Hallmark.  The cards were of good quality and the delivery was quick.  Certainly an earth friendly idea!
Give Back by Shopping with a Conscience…
Earth Friendly Product: Better World Books


Reduce your Carbon Footprint while Giving the Gift of Reading!
Earth Friendly Product Highlights: Better World Books is a for-profit social enterprise that collects and sells books online with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives in the U.S. and around the world. With more than three million new and used titles in stock, Better World Books is a self-sustaining company that balances the social, economic and environmental values of its stakeholders. Used books  come with a gift card  explaining how this gift has helped spread literacy worldwide by benefiting charities like Books for Africa or Invisible Children.
Better World Books diverts books from landfills by conducting book drives on 1,800 college campuses, and by collecting discards from over 1,800 libraries. Since its founding in 2003, the Mishawaka, Ind.-based company has raised over $7 million for its non-profit literacy, library and college partners; donated over 1.3 million college textbooks; diverted more than 29 million pounds of books; achieved over 9,000 tons of carbon offsets through carbon-neutral shipping, and created more than 200 full-time jobs with meaningful benefits.
Earth Friendly Price and Deals:  In time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Better World will also be running several discount promotions at the end of this month, including $5 off any purchase of $30 or more and $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.  Better World offers deep discounts (cheaper than Amazon) plus free shipping in the United States.  Better World also offers a Bargain Bin, where book lovers can purchase any 5 books for $15, all year round.
Chief Blonde says:  I didn’t buy any books from here…YET!  But I have bookmarked it and it is going to be the first place I check in the future.  Prices are LOW!

Blogger Note:  Products were provided for this post for Evaluation purposes only.

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Still blonde after all these YEARS