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2009 DISNEY’S TOP 10 TOYS–WOMEN OVER 45 get your shopping done now!

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FamilyFun, a Disney Magazine Revealed the

18th Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Winners


Kids  and Parents Choose Their Favorites of 2009
FamilyFun revealed the winners for of the (18th) annual Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Awards, especially the top 10 list which toymakers highly desire to gain a spot on.  Invasion of the Bristlebots by Klutz in this year’s #1 toy! Bristlebots is an activity kit composed of  itsy-bitsy, careening robots that kids put together from real toothbrush heads, which can  then be raced, or used to make art projects and more. Also, other  winners include Lego’s Feeding Zoo, the multipiece set which allows  “zookeepers” to create animal exhibits.  As well, there is a  kid-invented toy named the RipRider 360˚ brought to you from Razor!  The RipRider, a steel-frame trike,  lets kids “drift”, performing  360˚degree spins will cruising around.  Finally, the Green Toys’ Recycling Truck, which is a footlong truck made  from recycled milk containers.

Disney FamilyFun’s Toy of the Year Awards have become the go-to gift guide for reliably fun toys for children ages three and up,” said Ann Hallock, Editorial Director, Disney FamilyFun. “Because our toys are children- and parent-tested, we are able to provide our readers with a diverse roundup of age-appropriate toys that they will approve of and that their kids will love.”

The Top 10  T.O.Y. Award winners 2009:
**1. Invasion of the * Bristlebots
**2. Pyramid 
**3. Recycling Truck 
**4. RipRider 360˚ 
5. Feeding Zoo (5634)** 
6. Hot Wheels ColorShifters** 
7. Build It Bigge
8. **BFC**, Ink Large/Dolls
9. Sandwich Stacking  ( (Melissa & Doug)
10. Pool Sharks!* 

Blog Note: No compensation was provided for this information.  The Chief BLonde provided it to her readers as she thought it was interesting.

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WOMEN 45 AND OVER: Menopause Parking. The Perfect Menopause Gifts!

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Menopause Gifts — Menopause Parking

Menopause parking

Menopause Gifts can be difficult to choose.  Chondra Price shares a priceless Gift of Comedy, where she recommends a new kind of designated parking .  In addition to Handicap Parking, Employee of the Month Parking and Expectant Mother Parking…Chonda believes there is still one necessary kind of parking needed.. watch the comedic video to find out what great  Menopause gifts this new kind of parking would be!

Women over 45 and all our younger friends need to be aware of this gift giving possibility!  Menopause gifts are hard to find and this one is a doozy!

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