Guest Room Baskets, LBL is the new LOL

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 Today’s “Guest Room Baskets, LBL is the new LOL” discussion was brought to you Poise #LifesLittleLeaks

Hostess created Guest Room Baskets

Guest Room Baskets #LifesLittleLeaks

Create the perfect stay with a guest room basket

When guest come to stay, I love to create a special basket just for them, full of little surprises to make their stay extra special. Whenever I go to a hotel, I always like to check the shampoos and toiletries that they have chosen for me so that I feel pampered and I like to create that same feeling for my guests.

Items to include in a guest room basket

  • A shower cap
  • Make-up wipes
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls and makeup sponges
  • Fragrant soaps
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Razor
  • A collection of personal care products including Poise Microliners for LBL, tampons, and other feminine care products

Wait! Why include liners for LBL in your guest room baskets? What is LBL?

LBL is light bladder leakage (LBL). Many women face LBL every day when they laugh or exercise or cough. Sometimes even something as simple as walking with a full bladder can result in LBL. As an overnight guest, staying over at someone’s house changes your regular routine so this can be a trigger for LBL. A thoughtful hostess can include a few Poise® Microliners with SAM (Super Absorbent Material) in the guest room baskets and provide protection against LBL.

Poise Microliners are the thinnest liner available on the market and are extra absorbent. Poise Microliners feature SAM (Super Absorbent Material) to help women manage life’s little leaks with confidence, without feeling weighed down!

Guest Room Baskets #LifesLittleLeaks

LBL is the new LOL!

During the holidays, as Marilyn, Poise’s company blogger points out, many women are very concerned about LBL. Parties and holiday gatherings can create all kinds of LBL concerns including excessive leakage from laughing, eating foods that trigger LBL, and ruining your party outfit. Guests often get laughing and talking and forget about their regular needs.

Guest Room Baskets #LifesLittleLeaks

A good hostess considers LBL in her party planning resources

Guest Room Baskets #LifesLittleLeaks

A simple beautiful jar placed on or under the bathroom counter, containing  Poise® Microliners labeled discreetly,  will ease guests minds. As one out of three women experience LBL, Poise® Microliners will be a welcome addition to your party planning and guest hosting supplies!

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Do you have trouble with Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) caused by laughter? Read about my experience with that trigger in my previous post “Getting the Shot. Laughter as a Trigger!” Do you know why it’s important to use a LBL specific liner, like Poise’s Microliner? See my second article on “Super Absorbent Materials…Why Absorbency Matters“ Discover some solutions to LBL in my third article 5 Light Bladder Leakage Solutions, Helping You With Your Triggers!

Built-in Wifi Camera Selections from Best Buy

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Built-in Wifi Cameras enable you to Connect your Memories this Holiday Season!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Built-in Wifi Cameras Best Buy

Built-in Wifi Cameras allow you to SHARE with ease!

I have a camera with built-in Wifi (the Samsung Galaxy featured below). There is never a single person that I show my camera to, that doesn’t want one. Everyone just instantly understands how great it is to have a connected camera! I take a photo with a beautiful high quaility camera (ie. no more crappy cell phone photos) and then link right up to Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. all from my camera.

3 Built-in Wifi Camera Selections from Best Buy

Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras and camcorders to capture your high-stakes memories. These three cameras from Nikon, Sony and Samsung, all come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi so you can share amazing photos with ease. Upgrade your camera in time to capture precious holiday memories.

Built-in Wifi Camera #1 — Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Built-in Wifi Camera DI multi Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 back


Built-in Wifi Cameras DI multi Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

The Samsung Galaxy 2 (currently $313 from Best Buy) is the built-in wifi camera that I own. It’s a digital camera that allows you to shoot, share, and use Android Apps. It’s like a Samsung phone (that you can’t call on) paired with a really great camera. Not only can you upgrade to a wifi enabled camera, you get all the functionality of a Samsung tablet/smart phone. You can easily replace your tablet/ipad with this camera.The Samsung Galaxy 2 does everything a Samsung smart phone can do!

  • This Samsung Galaxy 2  digital camera’s 16.3-megapixel, 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS sensor allows you to capture sharp images and high-definition video footage. The 4.8″ touch screen simplifies operation, and built-in Wi-Fi makes sharing stored files easy.

Built-in Wifi Camera #2 — Nikon D5300 DSLR w/18-55mm VR Lens

Built-in Wifi Camera DI multi Nikon D5300


Built-in Wifi Camera DI multi Nikon D5300


Nikon D5300 DSLR w/18-55mm VR Lens (currently $799.99 at Best Buy), a DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi so you can capture high quality photos and built-in Wi-Fi lets you wireless connect to compatible mobile devices, so you can easily share captured footage with friends, relatives, clients and more.

·         This Nikon D5300 DSLR camera comes with an AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II lens that enables you to capture sharp photos and video footage. Optical image stabilization helps prevent blurring to ensure image clarity

·         Also available in red or gray

Built-in Wifi Camera #3 — Sony α6000 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

Built-in Wifi Camera DI Multi Sony a6000


Built-in Wifi Camera DI Multi Sony a6000


Sony α6000 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (currently $599.99 from Best Buy) can capture realistic images and HD video footage for yourself or your clients. The camera features a 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor and comes with a 16–50mm lens that’s lightweight for easy transport. When you’re all set, just connect your devices via the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi to share photos with loved ones.

·         A compact system camera with the World’s Fastest Autofocus

·         This Sony Alpha A6000 features a 24.3-megapixel, Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor that makes it easy to shoot scenes in stunning clarity. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you share stored content across devices.

·         Also available in White or silver

Never miss a moment. #CamerasatBestBuy

The three featured cameras above from Nikon, Sony and Samsung will ensure you never miss a moment this holiday and all your family and friends can easily share in the fun. Visit the Best Buy Holiday Gift Center to see more great cameras, whether you’re giving as a gift or upgrading for yourself.


$50 Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Book Giveaway

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Yves Saint Laurent by Roxanne Lowitt

Yves Saint Laurent



YVES SAINT LAURENT ($50.00 hardcover, 9780500517604) is a dazzling portrait of the designer and his world of fashion over the last 25 years of his career by legendary backstage fashion photography pioneer Roxanne Lowit.

I have not received this book yet as it has a release date of Nov. 4, 2014. The subject intrigued me because he defined the 1970s in terms of cool cutting edge fashion. An accomplishment I particularly admired is that he:

He revolutionized women’s evening wear when he introduced le smoking, a woman’s tuxedo, and made couture accessible to a younger generation. ~ From Thames & Hudson website


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Chocolate Bowls ! Repurpose your Holiday Dessert Leftovers

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Chocolate bowls made with balloons gives a twist to holiday dessert leftovers

This ” Chocolate Bowls! Repurpose your Holiday Dessert ” post is in conjunction with a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Marie Callender’s. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Marie Callender’s and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

How to Make Chocolate Bowls Chocolate Cups

Ahhh Christtmas. It’s that wonderful time of year when every thought turns to wonderful special desserts. My mother and grandma always made or served the best of everything. Whether grandma made or store bought, each treat laid out was a nod to a family tradition or something new and fun!

Now all the holidays are hosted at my house. I love to serve pies and cakes during the holidays! Who doesn’t? Sometimes I bake, sometimes to provide myself some stress relief I serve Marie Callender’s pies and cakes. I get homemade goodness and variety with Marie Callender’s.

Chocolate Bowls Repurpose your Holiday Dessert Leftovers

Marie Callender’s has wonderful individual carrot cakes, pecan pies, cream pies like key lime and chocolate satin, fruit pies like the hard-to-find razzleberry or apple crumb cobbler, and premium pies such as caramel apple pie. Mmmmmm!

Create a dessert buffet with your holiday leftovers and chocolate bowls

For Christmas luncheon, I serve pies and cakes warm with ice cream and whip cream. However, later on in the evening, I take a different approach. I serve the same desserts from lunch, but I make a dessert buffet. I make chocolate bowls and let everyone choose different selections of desserts. They pile them in small portions into the chocolate bowl and have a new experience then they had at lunch time. With the huge variety of Marie Callender’s desserts, you can’t go wrong with this approach.

Chocolate Bowls Repurpose your Holiday Dessert Leftovers


Chocolate Bowls Repurpose your Holiday Dessert Leftovers Marie Callenders

Marie Callender’s Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake ready for Buffet

How to make chocolate bowls or chocolate cups for your leftover desserts

How to Make Chocolate Bowls Chocolate Cups

  1.  Blow up balloons to the size of chocolate bowl or chocolate cup that you want to achieve.
  2. Coat each balloon with shortening to keep the chocolate from sticking.
  3. Melt chocolate wafers as directed in a bowl that will allow you to coat balloons to proper depth. Spread out wax paper or parchment paper and place a small circle of melted chocolate as the base.
  4. Quickly dip balloons in melted chocolate and place on circles.
  5. Freeze chocolate dipped balloons for 30 minutes to help the chocolate set and balloon to pull away from chocolate. Remove chocolate covered balloons from fridge. Pop balloon and peel away from chocolate bowl.
  6. Serve leftover desserts in chocolate bowls or chocolate cups.

Chocolate Bowls Repurpose your Holiday Dessert Leftovers Marie Callenders

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What dessert would you repurpose in our Chocolate Bowls?