Breast Cancer Awareness Lessons, One Journey Many Paths Video

[ 7 ] October 29, 2014 |

What Breast Cancer Awareness Lessons can be learned?

This “breast cancer awareness lessons” and “One Journey Many Paths” video discussion is brought to you today by Saint Agnes Hospital.

One Journey Many Paths Tami Scovitch

After a month of breast cancer awareness, what did we learn?

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Given the flood of pink messages, pink products, pink hype, pink washing, and pink giveaways, what did or should people learn during these 31 days of observance?

Breast cancer awareness lessons

  • There is no way to prevent breast cancer — but through regular mammograms and at-home self exams, it can be caught early, which is a woman’s best chance for survival.

  • Who is affected? Mostly women age 40+, with the majority of diagnoses being given to women age 50+. 

  • 79% of new cases and 88% of breast cancer deaths occurred in women age 50 and over.

  • We can all do something to raise awareness via our actions, our blogs, a fund raising walk or run, buying products that support breast cancer research or supporting legislation to find cures.

  • If you pray, do so, to further the cause.

  • If you are able, help a survivor or someone afflicted with breast cancer. Support their families. Hug a nurse or doctor who works in this field.

  • Educate yourself, so you can educate others.

We can also learn from Breast Cancer Survivors.

Saint Agnes Hospital created a video “One Journey Many Paths” with Tami Scovitch and her family and friends. The concept behind “One Journey Many Paths” shares a Tami’s breast cancer journey from the perspective of the patient’s husband, daughters and friends. We have previously presented Tami’s story in our blog post One Journey Many Paths. When Tami received her breast cancer diagnosis, she started on a new beginning. The journey brought Scovitch to the Saint Agnes Hospital Cancer Institute and brought her family closer together. While Tami was diagnosed with breast cancer , those who loved her learned to cherish each moment together during Tami’s journey.

“This is something we were handed and it’s something we have to deal with ,” Scovitch said. “We’re going to do it together.”

Please take a moment to watch and  listen to the poignant reactions of Tami’s husband, daughters, sister and a member of the volunteer firehouse, where Tami was President of the Auxiliary. Their breast cancer awarenss lessons may be your lessons. 

Saint Agnes Comprehensive Breast Center at Saint Agnes Hospital presents highly recognized physicians at the forefront of advanced techniques, equipment and clinical trials. They have developed a microsite called “One Jouney Many Paths”, which is meant to encourage women and their family and friends to understand breast cancer, talk openly about the disease and make breast health a priority.

Get social during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join Saint Agnes this October as they share other videos, patient stories, must-know facts about breast health and more. Follow #OneJourney on Facebook and Twitter for more access to these resources.


What Breast Cancer Awareness Lessons did you learn this month?

Inspirational Famous Ballet Dancer Quotes

[ 2 ] October 26, 2014 |

Ballet Inspired Quotes

Inspirational Famous Ballet Quotes is a Fashionista Event. 

Take a moment to read these famous ballet dancer quotes. Pin your favorites!

Wendy Whelan Inspirational Ballet quotes


We are constantly revealing ourselves to each other through our movement; learning from and teaching each other without even trying.

~  Wendy Whelan, Recently retired (Oct. 2014) principal dancer with the New York City Ballet

Mikhail Baryshnikov Inspirational Ballet quotes

Be. Good. To yourself, to other people, to everything you do. It’s a norm of life by which people should try to live. Don’t waste time. Be interesting and interested.

 ~ Mikhail BaryshnikovRussian-American dancerchoreographer, and actor  as one of the     greatest ballet dancers in history.

Anna Pavlova Inspirational Ballet quotes

Whenever I have had a sudden urge to quit dancing, I just remember that moment I had when I was young (seeing Sleeping Beauty) and remember that dancing is what I want to do. 

~Anna Pavlova Russian prima ballerina 

Rudolf Nureyev Inspirational Ballet quotes

I am still on stage. If you read (the) Press…you would believe that I should be gone. But here I am doing it and DOING IT WELL!

~Rudolf Nureyev ,Soviet-born dancer of ballet and modern dance, one of the most celebrated of the 20th century.

Misty Copeland Inspirational Ballet quotes


Physical fears change and shift depending on the role and depending on the mindset I’m in.

~Misty Copeland, soloist ballet dancer for the  American Ballet Theatre (ABT)

See Misty in this recent video, she is very inspirational!  So strong!

 Do you have a favorite Ballet Dancer?  Ballet Performance?  Or which is your favorite Famous Ballet Dancer Quote?

$80 Sterling Forever Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry Giveaway

[ 162 ] October 24, 2014 |

25% of proceeds of Sterling Forever Pink Items

to Susan G. Komen Foundation

Sterling Forever

Well look at these beauties sent along to me by Sterling Forever! I am wearing the Pink Gold Tone Statement Necklace in Acrylic with Metal Castings ($39) and Leather Rinestone Crystal Stud Pink Button Bracelet both from the Think Pink Collection of Sterling Forever. How feminine and fun are these? Don’t they just make the outfit?

Sterling Forever

I love the bold crazy chunkiness of these two pieces. Pink jewelry is my absolute favorite, and what better time then what better time than Breast Cancer Awareness Month to put it on to support those who have waged the war with breast cancer.

Sterling Forever Think Pink Collection

Sterling Forever Breast Cancer Awareness

All these lovely pieces are from Sterling Forever’s Think Pink Collection. This October, the fashion jewelry site Sterling Forever is donating 25% of proceeds on a large collection of  pink accessories to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Not only that but Sterling Forever has also provide these beautiful pieces so you can make sure someone who has struggled with breast cancer can feel a little pinker this October.

Sterling Forever wants you to Win it for a Survivor

Sterling Forever Breast Cancer Awareness 2



Sterling Forever is bringing you this $77 Jewelry giveaway so you can enter to “Win for the Survivor” in your life. So if you are a survivor, know someone who is a survivor, or know someone who has helped a survivor on their journey then enter for a chance to WIN IT FOR A SURVIVOR.  If you haven’t been touched by cancer, and you would like us to choose someone from the stories shared, we can do that, too!

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  • Pink Gold Tone Statement Necklace in Acrylic with Metal Castings ($39)
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Skin Authority Brighten and Firm Duo + $138 Giveaway

[ 153 ] October 24, 2014 |

Celeste Hilling, Skin Authority CEO features

Skin Authority Brighten and Firm Duo

Skin Authority Firm & Fit Duo

Skin Authority Brighten & Firm Duo will be featured on HSN Beauty Report on 10/30 (reg. $138, special HSN: $79; Monroe and Main Gold and Rhinestone Necklace ($35, sale: $17)

I have been a Skin Authority Ambassador for almost 5 years. I have tried a wide range of Skin Authority products featuring many in individual reviews on my blog. I was interested when Skin Authority wanted to send along to me their Brighten & Firm Duo that was featured  on HSN Beauty Report 10/30. Most Skin Authority products that I tried, I loved, and 7 of them are still part of my beauty routine daily or weekly!

Skin Authority Firm & Fit Duo

Brighten & Firm Duo from Skin Authority

The Brighten & Firm Duo consists of two of my all time favorite Skin Authority products! If you didn’t have a chance to learn more about each of them when they are featured on the HSN Beauty Report on 10/30…you can head to the HSN site and see if it’s still available! . Celeste Hilling, Skin Authority CEO and (BLONDE…you know that’s important on this blog) woman over 45, has been invited to present Brighten & Firm Duo for an unheard of HSN special price of $79 (normally $138).

Celeste Hilling Skin Authority CEO

I have been using both of the Brighten & Firm Duo products for 4 years. They are normally sold separately, but it’s brilliant to pair them in my opinion. I have always used them together (along with the Skin Authority Daily Cleanser)

The first product in the DUO is the Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator. Resurfacing Accelerator is a gentle leave-on peel that transforms the appearance of your skin as you sleep. I love that it works without making my uber-sensitive skin feel red and raw. Clinical results show: 29% improvement in moisture levels; 24% increase in firmness; 33% reduction in fine lines; 5% increase in skin firmness.

The second product in the DUO is the Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator. The Tri-Power Peptide formula is the triple threat in the fight against aging. It firms, evens tone, and hydrates. This is the only moisturizer I currently use. My skin always feel smooth and plump when I apply it. Clinical studies show: 550% increase in collagen, 60% reduction in fine lines; 44% reduction in deep wrinkles, 14% reduction in roughness, 19.5% increase in tone, 10% reduction in age spots.

Shelley Zurek Skin Authority Ambassador

At 53, I think my skin still looks fairly awesome! I attribute it to good genes, staying out of the sun and Skin Authority.

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$138 Skin Authority Brighten & Firm Duo, including:

  • Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator
  • Resurfacing Accelerator

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